In every stage of life the body changes. This means that weight loss strategies need to be a little different in every stage of life. You won’t lose weight in the same manner at 50 as you did when you were 20. However, it is never too late to take control of your body and make healthier choices. Here are some great tips for women over 50 to help them as they lose weight.

If you tried to lose weight in your 40’s you probably noticed that that it was a little more difficult. You see, your body changes as you age and hormones can play a high factor in determining how easy it is to lose weight. As you go through menopause, your hormonal balance has changed and this will effect how you lose and gain weight in the future. Often women over 50 notice that they gain more weight around the hips and that it is more difficult to drop weight. Rather than focusing on weight training, you will see the best weight loss results by turning to cardio exercises. As you work your heart, you will find weight loss benefits all over your body. Some great heart friendly exercises for women over 50 include brisk walks and cycling.

Also change how you eat. By focusing on nutrition you will lose more weight and be able to keep it off. Focus on fruits and healthy vegetables. Rather than turning to red meats, focus on light and lean meats and fish. Keep your nutrition balanced by using the USDA food guides as a reference. Eat smaller meals more often. As a general rule, women over 50 see the best weight loss results when they eat about 6 smaller meals within the course of the day.

Many doctors have found that light weights can augment your weight loss. This will help build up stronger bones which is great to help combat osteoporosis. Weight loss is possible for women over 50. The trick is simply learning what you need to know for the best results. Focus on light weights and strength training in addition to your cardio routine. Remember that drive and focus are critical. Losing weight is difficult as you age. Don’t be discouraged when the results take a little longer than they did in your 30s.

Often women over 50 struggle with water retention. As you age your pores close up. This means that less water comes out when you sweat. This can result in more water weight. Strive to play sports and to exercise as this will help you to reduce water weight. Don’t turn to pills or quick fix solutions. These are often dangerous and since your body is more fragile, the results can really be disastrous. The best way to lose weight is to turn to trusted methods of nutrition and exercise.

Also focus on fiber. Many women over 50 have found that weight loss can be achieved more easily when the recommended fiber levels are met each day. Fiber fills you up quickly which means that you will eat less. It also helps to burn stubborn fat around your hips and mid section. Make fiber your friend and an important part of your weight loss as you age.

You can lose weight no matter how young or old you are. If you are over 50 these tips will help you make the most of your weight loss. Remember natural weight loss is the safest way to lose weight. Don’t try to find a quick fix. Instead put in the effort so that you can lose weight and keep it off no matter your age.