Having high blood pressure can cause lots of problems to a person's health and well-being and is a major contributor to serious illnesses such as strokes, heart problems and kidney failure. It you are suffering from high blood pressure it will be better treated through healthy living rather than relying on anti-hypertension medication. Being overweight is one of the major contributors to high blood pressure, so losing weight is going to be beneficial not only to the way you look and feel, but more importantly your health.

Losing Weight To Lower Your High Blood PressureStudies have shown that a person's blood pressure tends to rise as they gain weight. So being overweight will dramatically increase your chances of suffering from high blood pressure. Did you know that obesity is a silent killer and affects up to 60% of the adult population in the US alone. Losing excess weight should be your number one priority, if you are going to lower your blood pressure to a more healthy level.

I know losing weight is hard for lots of people, due to many different reasons. But by simply making a few lifestyle changes and doing a bit of exercise each day you should be quickly on your way to losing that excess weight. Most people find out that they have high blood pressure, by getting checked by their local doctor. But did you know that you can now buy blood pressure monitors for a very cheap price from your local shopping mall. So that you can monitor it on a weekly basis as you are dieting and losing weight. Knowing that your blood pressure is lowering as you are losing weight, is a fantastic motivator for you to keep at your diet and stay focused for the job in hand.

Losing just 10 pounds in bodyweight can dramatically lower your blood pressure. Plus being overweight you have so many different illnesses to worry about such as diabetes and high cholesterol to name just a few. All these illnesses are related to more serious illnesses which are all killers. One of the easiest and quickest ways to check if you are overweight or even obese is through the body mass index reading or BMI as it is more commonly known. BMI is the measurement of your height in relation to your bodyweight. BMI is a fairly out dated method though, because it doesn't measure muscle mass. You could have an overweight BMI, but have a very low body fat percentage because you are carrying a lot of muscle on your body. So it will be a good idea to take a waist measurement as well as a BMI reading. There are lots of websites online were you can quickly enter your detail to get your BMI readings instantly.

Losing weight can really help in lowering blood pressure and the easiest way to do it, is by reducing your daily calorie intake and burning more calories off through exercise. It would be wise to also eat an healthy diet which is rich in protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. You will also need to reduce the amount of salt that you eat each day. Once you have lost the weight and lowered your blood pressure, you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle and try not to ever return to your unhealthy lifestyle which led to you gaving high blood pressure.

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