ILosing Weight Fast(132273)Credit: morguefile.comf you are trying to win the battle of losing weight, then maybe try this method.

I know, you probably, have heard and read everything on losing weight, and there is no easy way. Every magazine, newspaper and TV commercial, are always advertising the latest and greatest ways to lose weight. They go on and on about how easy it is.

Well if it was that easy, this would not be a multi million dollar business, and everyone would be slim and fit.

But I am here, to tell you one method that I stumbled upon, and noticed instantly the scale moving "downwards" quite quickly. I am sure this is nothing new, but if you are trying to win that battle of losing weight, give it a try..

A couple of days this week, due to scheduling and work, I ended up eating a large meal at lunchtime, instead of dinner.. roast chicken, salad, and fries and rice pudding for dessert. You may think 'YIKES" that is a lot of calories. I am sure it was, although it was not a huge sized meal, because I find in restaurants, lunch sizes are just a bit smaller than dinner sizes. But, still it was a big meal. It kept me full for the afternoon.

Later at 6 pm, when I would normally have eaten a meal like that, I had "lunch" basically a sandwich and a apple. I was full, and didn't eat again. I did this for 3 days, and just happened to hop on the scale and realized I had lost a couple of pounds.

I had not changed my activity level at all. All I had done was rearrange how I ate my meals. I ate the same thing for breakfast, and just switched my lunch for dinner.

One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight

My parents, being from England, had raised me like that when I was little, but as we all became accustomed to eating like everyone else, our main meal with all the calories was at dinner, and as I got older I starting packing on some weight, as after dinner there was not the same level of physical activity.Losing Weight FastCredit:

Now this is OK, if you are still quite active in the evenings, but for me, the evenings are when I wind down. I may take a walk after dinner, but nothing major.

So, after some research, I realize, that because I am eating the higher calorie meal at mid day, I am more likely to burn it off quicker, than at night. I did not notice myself being any more hungry than usual. Plus I got through the entire afternoon without that 3 pm craving, and was quite happy with a sandwich at dinner.

So, if losing weight is becoming a uphill battle for you, then maybe it is time to try tweaking your diet a bit, or change it around like I did. That is all I did, and some more weight has fallen off. I found by doing this switch, that I was not hitting the fridge at night either, so I am sure in the long run, I am not only burning it all off a bit quicker, but I am not taking in as many calories over the day. But yet I feel full.

I have decided to stick to this eating habit. Be careful not to really overindulge at lunch time, because you don't want to be sleeping at your desk either! I had been trying to cut back so much on my diet, that I was finding myself hungry at 3 pm and in the evenings, so this has really helped me keep in control. A good hot lunch, keeps me full all afternoon.

Give it a try, and maybe you will get off that plateau and lose weight. Eat your higher calorie meal during the middle of the day, and see if you start losing weight. 

You have to find what works for you.  Everyone is so different.  If you have been having trouble with losing weight then try changing your meals around during your day and see what it can do for you.  Steady weight loss will usually win the race.

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