Is Zumba A scam or an excuse for partying?

If you are into workout and fitness, you have probably heard about Zumba. It is about Latin music and excellent workout routines. Is Zumba a Scam or an excuse to party?

Zumba is not a scam but it can be said that it is an excuse to party. It is easier to convince your wife, husband or parents to come along for fitness reasons than to convince them to come and dance. Zumba allows you to do both. You get to party (good music); you get a good workout; you get to meet other people and do something with your boring life. Partying with Zumba is not about alcohol but more about water and sweat. That is one cheap party where you can overdose on adrenaline and still come out feeling good.

The word party and weight loss don't fit into the same sentence. It is like eating your cake and having it. Can you really lose weight with Zumba?

Zumba will not make you lose weight as such. If you want to lose weight you need to start eating less and doing more physical exercise. Zumba is a mixture of exercise and dance or maybe the other way around. If you really want to lose weight with Zumba, you need to really be active and participate at least 2 to 3 times per week. Everyone wants a one size fits all solution to weight loss. Zumba is not the solution if you don't want to push yourself. If you want to lose weight, it starts in your mind and Zumba will only be a means to an end. Yes you can lose weight trying about Zumba because you will be multitasking.

Zumba is very popular and people love it because they also love to dance. What if you are not a good dancer? Can you still Zumba and learn how to dance?

You need to know why you want to participate in Zumba. Is it because your friends are all raving about the craze or do you want to try something new? Zumba is not all about dancing; it is also about movement and rhythm. If you are not a good dancer and you feel embarrassed to take part, you may want to start at the back. If you enjoy Zumba so much, you will soon lose your inhibitions and before you know it, you will be in the frontline. You might pick up some nice dance moves and at the same time keep fit.

Is Zumba any different from water aerobics with music?

Yes and No. Water aerobics is not about dancing but more about exercising. The music in water aerobics allows you to keep the rhythm going and remove the monotonous exercise movement. Zumba on the other hand is about dancing and adding an exercise element to it. The music used in Zumba is also different than what you will hear during water aerobics. Zumba music is mainly of Latin American origin like Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia.