Losing Weight Without Changing What You Eat

There is a small trick that not many people know about! It is actually possible to lose weight without even altering the foods that you eat at all; it is really simple and absolutely anybody can follow it with ease. You're probably thinking "what's the catch?"...well I must be honest with you there is a small catch; you may have to alter what you drink. It is a very small catch but it is a catch. The simple rule that you must follow is one of portion control; however, it is impossible to fully understand how you will lose weight with this rule without actually understanding how weight loss occurs. That is why this article will first go on to explain how weight loss occurs, and then how following these simple rules will allow you to lose weight without altering the foods that you eat.

How weight loss occurs

The way in which our bodies lose weight is fairly simple-they burn off more calories than they consume. Let's imagine that you have consumed enough food to equal 4000 calories in one day; furthermore, that same day your body burned off 4200 calories between your resting metabolism and any activities that you may have participated in. With this example you have put your body into a deficit of 200 calories for that day. You may be thinking "oh no a deficit is a bad thing", but in this case it is a great thing because it means that you burned off more calories than you consumed.

Now what does that convert to in terms of pounds, or what is the practical use of losing this 200 calories for that day. Well, there are 3500 calories in one pound, so some simple math allows us to calculate how long it would take us to lose a full pound if every day was identical to the one stated in the example; 3500 divided by 200 is about 17 and a half days. This means that you would lose roughly 2 pounds per month if you simply went into a caloric deficit of 200 calories per day...not a bad deal for something so miniscule! Now imagine that you could put your body into this 200 calorie deficit without any major changes; you would probably start whatever minor changes need to be made immediately. As you continue reading we are going to assume that your regular meals and daily activities allow you to maintain your weight; this translates to your body burning off the exact same amount of calories as you consume. Furthermore, any changes that I recommend should be applied to this "average day" eating and activity plan.

Only drink water

Water is obviously not the tastiest drink that the grocery store has to offer, but its definitely the best for losing weight! If you are like I was before I started to eat and drink healthy, then you probably have about 3 flavoured drinks (pop, juice, etc.) Every day. The average glass of pop or juice has about 110 calories. Now with this fun fact in mind, you can easily understand what will happen when you shift your diet to solely drinking water; you will be consuming about 330 less calories per day. With the example from the paragraph on how weight loss works in mind of a deficit of 200 calories, you can easily understand that simply switching to a water-only beverage plan will allow you to lose about 3 pounds per month! When you work that out over a period of 3 months that is almost 10 pounds! It is amazing how a simple change can make such a big difference when incorporated correctly.

Portion control

This part is extremely simple. If we are assuming that your meals and activities allow you to maintain your weight, than if you reduce the amount of calories that you consume, you should lose weight. We all know that everybody dreads dieting, so there is an easier way to do it that allows you to consume the same foods as you previously did. You have to cut out a certain percentage in each meal of the amount of that food that you eat. For instance, let's say that your meal consists of 10 potato wedges and 10 ounces of chicken breast; cutting out 20 percent of your calories would mean consuming only 8 potato wedges and 8 chicken breasts. I'm sure that you will still feel pretty content without the extra 20 percent of the calories, and you would have put your body into a caloric deficit at the end of the day by doing this for all of your meals. With simple calculations of your daily caloric intake you will soon realize that this 20 percent reduction would mean consuming between 500 and 800 calories less every day. That means you could lose almost a pound and a half per week! I find it awesome how such a simple change has the ability to produce amazing results!

It is easy to see how portion control can give you the ability to lose weight easier than ever before! The only difficult part of this whole idea is finding the meal combination that will allow you to maintain your weight; however, once that is done, you can simply subtract a small percentage of each meal and voila, you have weight loss success!