If you're reading this chances are you are sitting at your desk or couch wanting to lose some weight this year. You've come to the right place as I have already learned the secrets to healthy and quick weight loss in 2011. Follow these simple tips in 2012 to see the scale slide and say hello to a new, healthier, fitter, you! 

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1. Find a healthy snack you love and eat lots of it.
 Do you hate salads? You aren't alone. Can't eat broccoli without flashbacks of being forced to down the green monsters as a toddler? Forget it. Only eat things you like. Find something that is low in calories, saturated fat, and carbohydrates and enjoy it when you are in the mood for a snack. What I'm trying to say is: don't force your unhealthy self to eat healthy foods that you despise. Not only will you hate eating healthy, you won't stick with it. Try new foods you haven't had before. I was shocked to find that I loved snap peas with ranch dressing and organic peanut butter. The more options you give yourself, the better chances of you liking health food. Some of my favorite suggestions are: carrots and peanut butter, snap peas, greek yogurt, and soy milk.Green Apple(77220)Credit: zirconicusso

2. Move it thirty minutes a day or more. There's a reason physicians suggest getting daily exercise and those who do it live longer than others. Get active and start where you are. If you know you can't run a marathon-don't. Begin by walking around the block or going to a Zumba class. As mentioned previously: find what works for you and stick with it. Don't push yourself to do sit ups or go to the gym if you hate it. Take your dog on a walk, snowboard, chase your grandchildren. Anything goes as long as you are moving your body for a minimum of thirty minutes a day. I found that I loved dancing and enjoyed jumping around my room to music. I'm not lifting weights or killing myself at the gym but I'm improving my health one Tina Turner song at a time.

3. Keep track and don't look back. To move forward one must know where they are. Measure you caloric intake, body mass index, exercise levels, and weight. Keep track of your progress by writing it down, starting a weight loss blog, or joining a free program such as sparkpeople.com. Learn self-discipline and get in the habit of tracking the food you eat and your amount of exercise. Once you begin to make changes you will feel accomplished and have th energy and confidence to keep going. Don't look back once you make a mistake. Take time to ask yourself why you ate that cheesecake, chocolate cake, or macaroni and cheese and keep going. Wasting time beating yourself up over a mistake won't aid in your overall goals. 

4. Reward yourself lavishly. Celebrities who speak for Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers have more incentives than the average Joe; money and lots of it. Kirstie Ally must have made a million dollars losing weight and promoting products. Keep in mind that although you may not have a million dollars at your disposal you do have the ability to reward yourself lavishly. Whether it's promising yourself a facial, new outfit, bubble bath, or weekend get-a-way make your reward personal and meaningful. Set up attainable goals with coordinating lavish rewards. Before you know it you may be cutting back an extra one hundred calories a day or running an extra ten minutes to reach that promise of a new hair cut or Macy's gift card. Please remember that rewarding yourself with food is counterproductive. Find ways to woman on bikeCredit: photostockreward yourself without self-sabotage. 

5. Love yourself where you're at. Hate the way your legs jiggle when you walk or the way your arms sag? Don't. Learn to love yourself and your body where you're at. Not only will you work harder at treating it better, you will be in a better mindset to do so. Embrace every stage of your healthy journey and remember it may take awhile but you're making steps towards a healthier you that you can enjoy for years to come. Also, as cliche as it sounds: it took you more than a few months to put on the weight and get out of shape, it'll take more than a few months to lose the weight and gain fitness and health.