Mediterranean Diet Basics

The origins of Med diet

Obesity or being overweight is becoming a serious concern today in all countries around the world. According to studies, this is usually related and could lead to serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, knee arthritis, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, etc. Obesity also contributes in increasing the mortality rate. By losing weight, the risk of acquiring these health problems could be significantly reduced.


Eat Healthy - Live longer

There are a number of methods to adopt in losing weight. People love to eat, and eating is usually proportional to gaining weight. By being selective on what you eat and in what quantities you are essentially following a diet. For weight loss, this is where the Mediterranean diet comes in.

Mediterranean diet is a delicious and heart-healthy way of eating. This is even known and considered as the world’s healthiest diet. This originated from the vast exchange of culture and tradition among the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. 


The traditional ingredients suggested by this diet are vegetables, fruits, potatoes, nuts, legumes, herbs, spices, rice, pasta, grains, etc. Olive oil is also heavily used as a source of fat, and other major components of med diet include fish, poultry and wine. 


The Mediterranean diet is high in fiber which helps lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. It is also high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that flush toxins away from the body keeping it healthy. Research shows that there is a 70% increase in life expectancy of those who follow med diet, and an 80% increase in the quality of life.


Below are additional points to remember when following the Mediterranean diet lifestyle:
• Go ahead and drink plenty of water or fresh fruit juices. This adds nutrients in the body and at the same time, tastes good and is refreshing.• Eat 5-6 small meals a day as this will keep your metabolism running and lets it continue to burn more fat. Remember also to eat slowly as this gives time for the brain to acknowledge the food being taken, and advertently satisfies you while eating less.• Instead of taking a ride, you can walk. Instead of taking the elevator, you can use the stairs. Just remember to keep your body moving. This increases your metabolism, and improves your endurance.


Following this diet teaches a very big lesson in choosing what to eat, and especially in what NOT to eat. Artificial products are increasing nowadays and most food contain trans-fat that is created from artificially hydrogenated products. This is responsible in increasing the levels of bad cholesterol and it is the major cause of a number of diseases. 

If losing weight is what you are looking for, then why not adopt the Mediterranean lifestyle. It’s not only about losing weight but it’s also about improving health and your way of life. This particular diet is a healthy way of eating and not really a weight-loss program.