Losing weight - KISS!


It gets to (most of) us all eventually. The protruding saggy belly. The unwillingness to look in windows at your reflection. The tight trousers and shirt.


What is the "it"? - being overweight!


It can be a function of age, of lifestyle, of general "laissez-go" (as the French don't say!).


So, how can you lose weight? I am in the process of attempting to lose weight. I am no "guru", just a practical fellow who has just lost nine pounds and is looking to lose another ten.


So how have I done it?


Let's state the obvious:-


  1. Weigh yourself regularly at the same time (I do it first thing in the morning - it just seems right)
  2. If you haven't got a weighing machine - get one straight away.
  3. Keep the data form the "weigh-in" that you collect in a spreadsheet - mine also has a nice graph so I can visualise the weight loss. That's comforting and motivating (as long as the graph is going in the right direction!).
  4. Drink lots and lots of water - some two litres a day. You may have to pass a lot of water as a result, but it is very good for you.
  5. Don't drink alcohol. This just makes me eat more than I need and wine, however much I love it and I argue with myself that it improves my standard of living, contains a ton of alcohol. The French, of course, argue that it reduces the risk of heart attacks - but they do have an ulterior motive - they are the largest producers of wine in the world so they naturally have to talk up the benefits.
  6. I walk, walk, walk and then some. I try to do at least 10,000 steps a day. I have, however, been up to 20,000 plus. My body now feels keen to walk. It has now been trained.
  7.  I take food supplements. I have taken fibre supplements, cod liver oil supplements and keep to the "five a day".

After 9 pounds loss:-

  1. I am now beginning to feel lighter and it's great. Trousers and shirts begin to fit better. I take the odd glimpse in a window!
  2. I am highly motivated as people have started to notice and pass the odd compliment (to a gentleman of a certain age!)
  3. KISS is the most important factor. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid! This is not rocket science. Motivation and a little discipline. And the odd reward every now and again. Naughty but nice as the old advert used to say.

Les femmes françaises ne prennent pas du poids (French women do not put on weight) - as they do say!

Why? They are careful but eat well. And they REALLY like to look good.

But don't you? Bonne chance avec le régime (good luck with the diet!)