There are millions of us in the U.S. today. We tend to be looked down on by those who are not like us. The clothing industry seems to enjoy overcharging us for any of their items we purchase. The food industry, however, loves us and particularly enjoys flaunting their delectable burgers, fries, and desserts before our eyes constantly through television commercials and bill board ads. There are thousands of books in print telling how to avoid becoming like us. What are we?


Obese, fat, overweight, pudgy, chubby, slovenly, and have absolutely no self control. We are not a silent majority, but are now considered to be the average American citizen. And this is a crying shame. Not only do we make life uncomfortable for ourselves, we shorten our lives every day we remain over our ideal body weight. How can we help ourselves overcome the deadly disease of obesity? Let's look into some methods that are proven to be of help and some that are not worth the paper this article is written on.


  • Diet and exercise are the most effective methods of weight loss. Typically the body will attempt to regulate and maintain a normal body weight but when we eat high calorie foods and drink sugar laden sodas on a daily basis, we will naturally gain weight due to consuming all those calories. Exercise is required to burn calories and when more are burned than taken in, the body will naturally lose weight…. simple as that!


  • Have your stomach stapled. Gastric bypass surgery is a surgical and effective method of causing weight loss. Those who are extremely over weight can testify that it worked for them. If you want to eat a spoonful or two at mealtime and feel full, this may work for you. Those of us who love to eat will find ways to eat more and eventually stretch that stomach back out, regaining the weight within a few years.


  • Emotional and psychological treatment can be helpful when the usual dieting does not seem to help. There are reasons we eat too much and finding them out may help. Overeaters anonymous (OA) has a twelve step program, much like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to help people with food problems and eating disorders. This may include those with anorexia who are extremely under weight. The idea here is helping with emotional issues that have caused the eating disorder in the first place, and involves emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.


  • Drugs. This society seems to love taking a pill to cure all ills, including depression, pain, and weight problems. While taking a pill may make you feel full temporarily, it is not a true cure for what ails you.


  • Energy drinks, colon cleansing, and assorted strange sounding berries have all proven to work quite effectively… for the bank accounts of their creators but not for those who need to lose weight.


The best advice that can be found regarding losing weight is to maintain a healthy diet involving the food pyramid we all learned in grade school and exercising to burn calories we do take in as we go about our daily lives. Burn more calories than you eat every day and you can't go wrong.