Losing weight with Weight Watchers can be a very successful diet plan. In order to see the best results and to stick with this diet, you need to learn how to calculate weight watchers points on your own. This is easy enough and with a bit of practice the process will become second nature.

One of the most popular weight loss options is Weight Watchers. This weight loss program allows flexibility in what and how much a person eats as long as they stay within a set number of weight watcher points. As not everything a person eats is part of the weight watchers meal or diet plan, having to learn how to calculate weight watchers points becomes very important to ensure a dieter stays within the set number of points allotted.

If you want to lose weight with weight watchers you need to understand the formula for how they assign points. To calculate weight watchers points the first step is to review the nutritional values on a food package or label. Look for the total number of calories assigned and divide the number by fifty. Take the total number of fat grams and then divide that number by twelve. Once you have those two numbers you then add them together and let's call that total value A.

Now look back at the label of nutritional values and find the dietary fiber grams and divide the number five. Let's assign this total as B for the calculation of the weight watchers points formula.

Once you have A and B values you have what it takes to calculate the weight watchers points based on their formula all you need to do is subtract A from B. The number that results rounded up is what Weight Watchers would assign as the point value for the meal you are about to eat.

Weight watchers does have a website which provides a generic list of points already calculated based on some of the most common foods you eat to help out with your diet, but if you plan on cooking something that is outside the norm and not already calculated, use this formula to know how to calculate weight watchers points for yourself.

For foods and meals that you have to calculate the points on your own, make note of them in a simple list. This way you can avoid having to recalculate the points if you make the same meal at a later date! Over time, you will even notice that you have memorized the point values for your favorite foods and it will be easier to count up how many you have consumed that day!