low carb weight loss plan

a diet for health

   Let me start with a short introduction.  I am a woman in my mid-50s who has always, it seems, had a weight problem.  I have spent money on diet plan fees, foods and supplements which have helped a little bit. 

   With slight changes from various diets (Ultralite, Atkins and South Beach), I have found a plan that works for me.  I am thinner than I have been in years.  I have kept what has worked for me and feel better than I have in years, with incredible focus.   When I stay on this plan, I rarely feel hungry, too!

       These diets I have mentioned advocate a low-carb diet, and this is because your body will burn fat if there are not many carbs.  If there are plenty of carbs, then your body will burn them as energy, leaving the stored fat alone.  So, this is a low-carb diet and it has worked for me!

   For most people, consuming 50 grams or less carbohydrates will keep you in "ketosis", a mild form of starvation where you will burn fat.  For me, at 5'2", 25-30gms of carbs are ideal, per day.   For the first day, you might feel sluggish, light-headed or headachy, but it will pass. 

  Vegetables and fruit have their own carbohydrates, so I weigh them, too, and include them in the carbohydrate count.  Fruit is generally high in carbohydrates, so I have much less, maybe 1/4 cup of berries.   But, any fruit is OK, as long as you stay within the carbohydrate limit.  In order to keep track of all of this, I have a daily journal and use a carbohydrate counting book or website. 

   I have always loved dessert, but for this diet to work, I have had to go down to a square of dark chocolate, 4-5 gms of carbohydrates, and I have to include it in my daily counter.  It is best not to indulge every day.   The same goes for other high-carb foods, such as pasta, rice, white potatoes and breads.   My carbohydrates are mostly in the form of vegetables, weighed and counted. 

    I drink at least 8, 8-ounce glasses of filtered water, such as Ariix Puritii (4) per day.  All other beverages need to be counted.   A cup of soy milk, for example,  is 4 gms of carbs and 7 gms of protein.  This 7 grms of protein, similar to 1 ounce of cheese, is counted as 1 protein serving. 

   With regard to protein, I have 4-6 portions per day, with a portion much smaller than I used to have.  A portion is 2 ounces of meat, chicken or fish, 2 eggs or 1 ounce of low-fat cheese.   In place of milk, I use soy or almond milk, lower in carbs and fat.  In place of high fat meats, such as bacon, I substitute turkey bacon or sausage.  So, keep the proteins low fat and no more than 4-6 servings per day.   Again, it is best to keep track of this in a daily journal. 

    Regarding fats and oils, I use unsaturated oils, such as olive oil and sparing amounts of margarine.  I measure them in teaspoons, and will often make an oil and vinegar salad dressing or stir-fry vegetables in a few teaspoons of oil. 

    You need good supplments, such as vitamins, minerals and omega fish-oils.  I currently use Ariix supplements, sprinkling the powdered supplements into my morning almond milk. 

   I monitor ketosis with ketone strips, purchased with diabetes supplies in most drugstores.  If you can't find them, ask the pharmacist.  Generally, my morning urine should be "trace" , "moderate" or "small".  If it is "negative", I know I had too many carbohydrates in the last few meals and my body is not burning fat.  Generally, if you keep your carbohydrate intake to 50 gms per day or below, you should find yourself in ketosis in a day or two.  If not, go lower and find your "set point". 

    Besides the food counter, daily journal and food scale, it is a good idea to have a good scale, with BMI (body mass index).   If  you can, learn what is the normal BMI range for you and set it as your goal. 

   Regarding exercise, moderate, daily exercise works best here, such as a half hour of daily walking or swimming.  
   Last, but not least, don't beat  yourself up.  If you  are less than perfect, get back on track as soon as you can.     

   So, I am convinced this will work for anyone that has struggled to lose weight.