The show which took everybody by surprise back in 2004 has ended and people even now would like even more. If you are a fan which lost course (no pun) during the earlier series or even somebody that watched it right up until the actual conclusion and would like to enjoy it all once more, you can now purchase the finest example of TV in recent times and that is no exaggeration!

If you were watching from season 1 to season 6 you will certainly acknowledge that watching Lost and almost participating in the show via internet forums and discussions with friends was like a special era. The amount of sentiment and emotion that most people had invested in the show is actually a thing which simply no other Television series could ever reproduce. A show that can blend action, conspiracy, sense of mystery, love, humor, tension, exhilaration and even spiritual elements chucked in there. Lost really ended up being a show which anybody can relate to in some sort of way.

So is the Lost Complete Series Set worth getting?

Consequently in the event that you have previously seen it all the way to the ending and you would like to buy the set to appreciate it once again you may possibly wish to find out exactly what the extras are which are bundled in the package just to encourage yourself that small bit more to acquire it.

The awesome extras include....

-Ankh with a secret message from Jacob

-Dharma backlight pen

-Black Rock Journal entry

-Senet game as featured in season 6

-Commemorative photographs all inside a special Egyptian style box.

-Individual Dharma Initiative videos

-Oceanic 6 investigation documentary

-Hidden scenes

-Removed scenes


-The infamous Mobi episodes

-Making of Lost documentaries

-Interviews with the writers and the cast

- The Epilogue added on which features a few very cool scenes featuring Ben and Hurley and what they got up to after the series had ended

If you are a fresh viewer or you just simply would like to carry on from a particular stage then this is the perfect box set to help with that. You can view each episode at your absolute discretion and you can simply watch each and every episode in your personal leisure time. Nothing like the unfortunate fans who had to wait around for a fresh episode once a week and for many months in between seasons! The following is a short rundown on exactly how every season develops without giving too many secrets away.

Lost Complete Series 1

The series begins with our heroes ending up on a seemingly deserted island after their plane which was due to land in LA crashed. This is the series where we get to know our characters really well with small glimpses of the overall mythology of the show thrown in from time to time. Polar Bears, Ghost sightings, mysterious noises in the jungle and wierd kidnappings are just some of the things which occur during the first season that make our Losties realise they arent on any ordinary island. Most of the season advances around a plot to attempt to escape the island and find safety but with five more seasons still to come you can be sure that won't be happening at any time in the near future.

Lost Complete Series 2

This is definitely exactly where Lost begins to step up the pace with mythological elements. The secret hatch is eventually busted into and the findings are rather amazing and big turning point for the show. The implications of exactly what is actually in the hatch divides the group and leads to later friction with "the others" who we eventually get to understand much more about.

Lost Complete Series 3

Lost really picks up the pace late on in season 3. This was when the writers finally knew just how many episodes they had left to tell the story therefore they could start moving episodes at a faster pace. Right after obtaining more details regarding the others and additional unexplainable elements regarding the island their search for rescue is served when it appears there may possibly be a freighter going to the island to save all of them. This brings about many exciting clashes as some losties are divided as to whether or not these people are actually arriving to save all of them or not. This particular series climaxes with what is debatably the finest twist in TV history. Watching the entire 3 series so far will be worthwhile once you view the last scene in series 3.

Lost Complete Series 4

This series was slightly affected by the writers strike so had less episodes. The entire series features a continuation of the incredible season 3 twist and the actual show begins to take on a brand new facet. Without giving out too much info we now understand a lot more then actually our very own characters understand about the island and their future as we get introduced to the "Oceanic six". Old heroes come back and fresh ones show up that are really popular The series peaks with yet one more awesome twist that results in you questioning where they could potentially go next with the show.

Lost Complete Series 5

This is where Lost really evolves as a genuine cult classic show as it starts to include much more elements of sci-fi to it. John Locke makes it his quest to convince the Oceanic six to come back to the island to complete their destiny which has interesting outcomes for a lot of the characters including John Locke himself. Audiences ultimately get to understand so much more regarding the Dharma Initiative and who was even in them(the answer may shock you). Yet once more the season comes to an end with yet another cliff hanger where you start to ponder where the show will go next.

Lost Complete Series 6

The very last series and the series where we eventually get to discover exactly why they are on the island and just what that smoke monster is. This particular series goes old skool with jungle scenes and character development together with the introduction of the "flash sideways" which will pay off enormously in the climax. We will not wreck how the show finishes, but for a show this great you're always going to feel disillusioned it's over!

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