"Time you say is wasting away. Well, let's take it and use it and twist it our way!"

We are fast becoming a nation of "waiters."  I'm not talking about serving food!  I'm talking about people who "wait."  Waiting for children to catch or get off the bus.  Waiting for a plane to take off.  Waiting for the car to be serviced.  Waiting for the doctor or dentist.  Waiting for a meeting to start.  Waiting in a traffic jam.  Waiting, waiting, waiting! 

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What do most of us do during this time?  Do you sit and tap your fingers, count the number of cars ahead of you, pace up and down nervously, grab your phone and play a game, or work yourself up into a lather because you are getting upset because you are tired of waiting?

Does it seem like we really don't have the time to get everything done that we want and need to?  I have often said, "I wish I had 48 hours in my day so I can get everything done."  Do I really need this extra time or do I just need to manage the moments of time that I have wisely? 

By just taking advantage of the "waiting" time we encounter and using it wisely, we can all accomplish so much more than we actually do.  Here a just a few suggestions on how you can wisely use your spare moments and waiting time and actually "do" something with it.

Reading:  Do you love to read but feel guilty if you take time to sit down and do it?  Always pack a magazine or small book in your handbag and when you have a few waiting moments, pull it out and read.  Use a post-it note to keep track of your page.  It's surprising how many pages you can get through when you just have a few minutes.  With the new book readers, you will always have a favorite novel close at hand.

Letter Writing:  Writing letters seem to have become a lost art.  We depend on email, texting, and cell phones so much that we don't stop to write personal notes.  There are many older people in our lives that still love to receive letters and would love a small hand-written note from you.  What about those thank you notes you should send?  It just isn't the same to send an email to thank someone for that special gift!  Carry a small packet of writing paper and note cards in a folder with a good pen.  You will be surprised how much cheer you can spread with a thoughtful note or card. 

Journal:  Even though we have all sorts of electronic methods to journal these days, it's nice to have a hand-written journal to read back through.  Small journals are very inexpensive and easy to carry.  Jot down special memories, happenings, and notes that you want to remember.

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Crafts:  It's pretty easy to put a small knitting or sewing project in a ziplock bag and carry it with you.  It doesn't have to be a large project.  Knit caps and wash cloths are very much in style and simple and easy to make.  Everyone loves to receive these as gifts as well!  So, you are killing two birds with one stone - using your time wisely and taking care of your gift giving. 

Recipes:  Carry a small cookbook to help you plan your weekly menus.  Use post-it notes to mark the recipes you want to try.  Keep a note pad handy to write your grocery list or to jot down fun recipes you encounter while flipping through magazines.

To Do Lists:  Are you a list keeper?  Always keep a note pad handy so you jot down your things "to do" while you are waiting.  This is also a good time to review lists you have already made and cross off those things you have finished. 

It would be interesting if you could add up the minutes and seconds of time you wasted and let slip by without accomplishing anything.  The next time you find yourself waiting for something, make sure you use it wisely!