So you're playing Lost Planet 2, and you've figured out how to customize your character. But using the character parts from the game leaves you feeling incomplete, somehow. You're not your usual styling self. You're thinking, I'd like a cool t-shirt to wear instead! Well, would you like to unlock some? For free? If so, read on to find a list of passwords that you can use to do so!

To use these codes in your game, just follow the instructions below (these instructions are specific to the XBOX 360 version. I'm pretty sure that it's similar for the PS3, but I don't own a copy of Lost Planet for the PS3 to find out for certain):

  1. Load up your game. lp2 (18162)
  2. Press start to get to get to the main menu.
  3. Scroll over to My Page and select.
  4. Select Customization
  5. Select anything in the Customization screen (Character Parts, Weapons, Abilities, Emotes, or Nom de Guerre).
  6. Hit the yellow button, or "Y" to activate the slot machine.
  7. Instead of using a spin, press "X".
  8. A screen will come up.Enter one of the codes below.
  9. Hit "A". Congratulations, you've just unlocked a new t-shirt!
  10. Lather, rinse and repeat until you've got all the ones you want.

And now, the codes! (Please note, some of these codes won't work for the PS3 version because they are specific to the XBOX 360.For the other codes, they have only been verified to work on the XBOX 360. It never hurts to try them out if you own a PS3 though!)

  • 73154986: T-Shirt 1 - Red Famitsu Weekly Magazine
  • 94372143: T-Shirt 2 - White XBOX 360 T-Shirt
  • 69088873: T-Shirt 3 - Midnight XBOX Live T-Shirt
  • 96725729: T-Shirt 5 - Den Geki Yellow T-Shirt
  • 63152256: T-Shirt 8 - Black T-Shirt with graphic
  • 34297758: T-Shirt 9 - Pink T-Shirt with White graphic lettering
  • 88020223: T-Shirt 10 - Famitsu Teal T-shirt with Pink lettering
  • 25060016: T-Shirt 11 - Green 4Gamer.net
  • 65162980: T-Shirt 12 - Purple/Tan 2-tone fade with graphics
  • 56428338 : T-Shirt 13 - Blue with some yellow Japanese text
  • 18213092 : T-Shirt 14 - Green WCP cap
  • 26797358 : T-Shirt 15 - White with a scribbled face
  • 71556463 : T-Shirt 16 - Purple with a big black D logo
  • 31354816 : T-Shirt 17 - White with gold art on it
  • 12887439: T-Shirt 18 - Light Blue "Street Jack" Shirt

The best part about these passwords is that they give you the t-shirt body for both male and female characters. Also, you're able to mix and match body parts with these – meaning if you have a male head and legs, you're still able to use a female version of the t-shirt even though you have the male version of the t-shirt as well (and vice versa).

Enjoy your new clothes!