You will definitely be looking for lots of toga costume ideas when you receive your invitation for the dorm party that requires you to dress up in a toga. With that being said, you may be looking for the cheapest costume, or the one that requires the least amount of work. It is not difficult to come up with lots of toga costume ideas; however, it is really difficult to come up with many GOOD toga ideas that can be used at the party. This article is geared towards helping you come up with those GOOD ideas that you are looking for!

Create Your Own Toga Headpiece By Gluing Leaves Onto A HeadbandAdult Toga Costume Set With HeadpieceCredit:

This is the perfect do-it-yourself project for anybody that has a few extra dollars and hours to work on something. There are lots of toga costume ideas on the internet; however, very few of them utilize accessories such as leaf headbands, and Greek bracelets. I am not very good at creating Greek bracelets to go with your toga, but I am definitely a seasoned professional at creating a leaf headband.

First, you should try to buy or find a headband that fits your head properly (one that stays on your head, but is not too tight). You are then going to head on over to the craft store and buy some plastic leaves (they cost about $2 per package); I would highly recommend using plastic leaves over real ones because the DIY headband will last much longer. Once you have acquired the plastic leaves, you should use a hot glue gun to adhere them to the perimeter of the headband.

 This do-it-yourself toga headpiece will go work well with lots of toga costume ideas; whether you are making your toga out of a bed sheet or buying it from a costume store, this headpiece will be the perfect accessory.

Buy A Long Dress Toga For A Less Revealing Costume-One Of The Best Female Toga CostumesLong Dress Toga Costume For WomenCredit:

To put it simply, some girls like to flaunt it and others don’t! Lots of toga costume ideas place a large emphasis on using as little material as possible, and showing as much skin as possible; this may be great for the girls that like to flaunt it, but horrible for the ones that are trying to show very little skin. One solution is to consider a long dress toga, as it will only show some skin.

The only downside to choosing a long dress toga costume is that it will cost you a little bit more than a revealing toga costume will. The reason for this is simple: it uses more material. Using more material in a costume translates to a higher manufacturing cost, which ultimately means a higher price tag at the costume store. However, it must be known that the increased price will be very minimal; long dress togas usually cost about 10% more than their revealing counterparts.

Be sure to check out the many toga costumes on Amazon being sold at REALLY low prices...These costumes are perfect for a Halloween party, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

Cut Some Holes In A Bed Sheet If You Want To Create Your Own Toga Costume On A BudgetRoman Toga Costume For TeensCredit:

Toga parties are mostly held at the college and university level, and those students have a hefty tuition bill at the end of their school year. With that being said, most students find themselves being frugal with their Halloween costumes; they may buy them months in advance for a discounted price, or re-use a costume from a previous year. There are lots of toga costume ideas scattered through the internet, but not many of them offer ways to make a toga costume completely from bed sheets.

Making a toga costume out of a bed sheet simply involves a pair of scissors and the slightest experience in sewing.

You must first take a bed sheet, and allow it to hang over your head; have a friend draw circles around your head and arms. Take a pair of scissors, and cut around those holes that your friend had drawn. You must then place your head and arms through the holes, and have a friend cut along the bottom of the bed sheet at point in length where it touches your knees. You have made the bed sheet toga costume!

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Choose A Unisex Version Of You Want To Share Your Toga Costume With Your Spouse Or Sibling

Lots of toga costume ideas are meant to be worn by a man or a woman; there are very fewUnisex Toga Costume For Halloween-Used By Men And WomenCredit: that can be considered as unisex costumes. Amazon has a specific toga costume that is meant to be worn by both men and women; in addition to it being a unisex costume, it can be purchased for under $25!

One of the benefits of buying a unisex costume is that it can be used by a person of the opposite gender during the following year. This means that the price of the costume will be cut in half if two people use it instead of one. For instance, a man could buy a unisex toga costume and wear it to a toga party; that man’s girlfriend could wear that same costume during the following year’s toga party, and realistically cut the price in half!

You can look through lots of toga costume ideas on the internet, and you will probably not find many do-it-yourself costumes or ones that cost under $25. This article is not the complete story on toga costumes that you can wear to a dorm party; however, it does feature at least one option for every type of person. Whether you are looking for a cheap Halloween costume, one that your girlfriend can wear next year, or a do-it-yourself will definitely find something in this article!

There are a handful of people that will call you cheap for searching through lots of toga costume ideas for the ones that will save you some money; however, saving money is the smartest thing that you can do in our current economic state. In addition, that saved money can be put towards the tuition payments that will be arising during the following year of college or university! Save some money by using any of these toga costume ideas, and you will surely have a smile on your face during the party!