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If you are looking for a high quality, attractive, realistic wig, one of the top designers is Louis Ferre. This company is located in New York's fashion district, and they have been selling wigs for over forty years.  Purchasing from this company also gives you a chance to buy goods that are Made in America, thus helping the US economy.  In addition, their hairpieces are widely available in over 40 countries.  It is great to support a high quality company that produces a product that is actively shipped around the world. They have several different collections which may interest you.

Over the years, the Louis Ferre company has made many improvements to their line. In 1995 they developed their Monosystem collection. In 2004, they introduced the Crystal Net Monosystem, with a newly developed Illusion Front hairline. These wigs are designed to fit perfectly and feel cool against the skin which is a huge advantage over their cheaper competitors. They produce over 50 styles that use this product. These synthetic styles are made with high quality fibers from Japan so that they will look and feel natural.

The company also has a line of human hair wigs that are hand tied. Because they are made of human hair, they are especially easy to manage and style. In their Remy Platinum Collection, they use the entire hair strand, including the cuticle. These wigs are designed to respond well to styling, including taking perms or being colored.  Imagine having a hairpiece that seems so much like your own hair that it can be styled exactly the same way.  It would be perfect to take on a trip.  You could go swimming during the day and simply tuck your natural hair into one of these wigs in order to go out on the town that evening.  Perfect for a cruise or a busy lifestyle!

You can see many of the available designs and read more about the company at louisferre.com. However, the company does not sell directly to the public, so you will have to find a retailer in order to actually make your purchase.  One of the easiest places to shop is to use this direct link to Louis Ferre wigs from Amazon.com. 

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Where to Buy the Best Wigs

Louis Ferre wigs are available at many shops and hair salons around the world. Thanks to the internet, they are also available online. Here are a few of the retailers who advertise that they carry them: Amazon.com, Wigs.com, e-wigs.com, wilshirewigs.com, WigsOnlineStore.com as well as many other major online wig retailers.

You may want to visit a local retailer to try on a selection of these hairpieces and see if you like them. If they meet your expectations, you can then comparison shop by checking the prices of some of the online retailers. Once you know what you are looking for, it will be easy to find it online. Some of the companies, such as e-wigs.com, offer free shipping. E-wigs also advertises that they have the best value in Louis Ferre products, but you can easily compare the prices for yourself.  Personally, I have found excellent prices and availability when I have used this direct link to Louis Ferre wigs from Amazon.com. 

Free shipping may also be available from Amazon when you make a large purchase, or if you are a member of Amazon prime. 

Wide Range of Prices

The price you will pay for one of these lovely fashion accessories can vary greatly, depending on whether it is made from synthetic materials or human hair. For example, at e-wigs.com, the Brigitte style costs under $150, while the Amber style retails for over $700. They also have several styles available for under $100. One the other hand, one style, called the Diamond, sells for over $1400. Before investing in a very expensive hairpiece or wig, you will certainly want to shop around for the best prices!  With so many retailers that carry the Louis Ferre brand, you should easily be able to find the perfect hairpiece either in a local shop or online.

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Excellent Choices from Amazon

Louis Ferre - TOPPIECE 3001 - Top Piece - Creamy Cocoa
Amazon Price: $475.00 $330.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 3, 2016)
This style is available in a variety of colors. Click on the above name of the product, in blue, and you will be taken directly to the Amazon website where you can see the full line of options available.