To get the interior design of your home right means coordinating a few different facets. One of these is the furniture you use and this can be employed to provide a room with a stylish look. However for furniture such as chairs, sofas and ottomans comfort is also an issue to consider. Combing form and function is important with these pieces as you will likely spend a lot of time relaxing on them.

The furniture you choose for a room will typically be dependent on the style you are trying to create. Larger wooden pieces can create a rustic feel while simple, clean lines with modern materials will provide a contemporary look. Whatever style you choose there will be a range of furniture that matches this and it is usually a case of shopping around to find the right pieces.

If designer furniture is your passion there are many classic pieces of furniture that have been produced over the years. While some of these have a long history and have been around for many decades, others have been produced more recently.

A designer whose furniture has become internationally renowned is Philippe Starck. He has been responsible for some of the best modern furniture in recent years with some of his better known designs including the ghost chair, la boheme stool and bubble chair. He is famous for his use of modern materials in furniture designs with many of his pieces being made from plastic.

One of Philippe Starcks most iconic pieces is the Louis ghost chair. This piece of furniture has the classic lines of an antique piece but is fashioned from durable polycarbonate which in the case of this chair is transparent. This provides a mix of old and new and as well as a clear model there are others in a range of tinted colors including green, blue, orange and yellow.

Louis ghost chairs were first introduced to the market in 2002 and have been popular ever since. They are manufactured by Kartell, an Italian based furniture company that has produced many of the Philippe Starck furniture designs. Kartell are famous for the use of modern materials in their furniture with Louis ghost chairs being one of their most popular products. Although relatively modern, the chair has quickly become a style icon and compares well to some of the 20th century modern classics such as the Tulip chair and Saarinen chair.

Kartell have their own stores to sell their furniture and these are one of the best places to buy a Louis ghost chair. Details of the location of these stores are available on the company website and can also be identified in a local directory. However Kartell stores are not the only location where the ghost chair can be purchased. Kartell also have a few authorized dealers which sell their furniture and there are many of these around the US. Details of these can also be found on the Kartell company website. This is the simplest way to find if you have a dealer nearby.

Much of the classic designer furniture will cost into the thousands of dollars to purchase. However this is not the case with a Louis ghost chair. This is a more affordable designer piece to own with a chair typically costing around $400 to purchase.