When you look at the billboards on the freeways, expressways, or in the downtown areas where near you live, you never think about how much energy they are actually using.  However, it is amazing the amount of energy that they use and what can be done to better it.  One of the states that is taking the initiative to start making their local billboards more energy efficient is the state of Louisiana, what they are doing should be a lesson for a lot of states and a great idea of quick and easy ways that we can decrease the strain that we are putting on resources and decrease the demand for energy that we out on the earth.  Check out how Louisiana is able to make their local billboards the pinnacle of energy efficiency with some simple steps.

There are many different ways that we can get energy, it all doesn’t have to come from a power source, there are actually a lot of natural power sources that are out there.  The advertising company of Lamar Advertising realized this with their billboards and is working hard to make sure that they are making their billboards more energy efficient.  They are working to install solar panels.  The great thing with solar panels is that they can soak up a lot of energy during day time hours and that can be used at night, for billboards this is perfect because they need to be lit up at night but use the natural light in the daytime.  So, by installing these solar panels, they were able to save a lot of energy use.  Along with this, the Lamar advertising firm also chose to use energy efficient LED lights that use less energy to help with the solar panels that are collecting energy and make sure it goes further.

For Lamar advertising, they are making a huge difference in the environment and they just don’t realize it.  The solar panels are actually so effective that they are producing more power during the day than they are ever using, so it may be possible in the future to harness that energy and use it elsewhere.  Sure, it has cost them a few dollars to do this, but they did get a grant to help pay for part of it and it is all a push for Lamar Advertising to become more green friendly and use renewable energy and things like LED lights that require less and less energy.

There are many ways that we can help reduce the strain on the environment today and Lamar Advertising is doing a killer job at that right now.  Their implementation of solar panels onto their billboards was a great idea and is making their billboards self-sufficient with no need for outside energy to power the lights that they require at night.  This is a huge change, and hopefully this change in Louisiana will lead more and more companies that do advertising on billboards to start looking at how they can change.