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Whether you are single or in a long term committed relationship, refreshing oneself on the key skills to what makes a great relationship can only facilitate learning. It can act to re-center your mind and spirit on what is important to you in your partnership. Romance[1] is a key component that should come naturally to your relationship when points one through to four in this article are in place. Point number five regarding having fun will then enhance both of your romantic sides too.

We all want to ask for loyalty, commitment and trust in a relationship whether this is from friends or a partner. However, before one can expect these sorts of attributes in someone else, we must first all develop these key relationship skills within ourselves. Self improvement is the order of the day in this article and if anything, I hope that it reminds and refreshes your awareness of these vital relationship skills.

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1. Loyalty

When you love somebody, loyalty towards that person should come naturally and easily to you. Loyalty should encompass faithfulness[2] in particular. Having a good sense of loyalty should stem from developing a strong moral compass. What this means is that you should have an awareness of what is right and wrong and act accordingly.

You may already have a sense of loyalty towards your family members whereby you would do anything to protect and look after them. Essentially, loyalty is about caring for your significant other and in trusting that they will do the same for you. Loyalty is therefore a crucial relationship skill to develop.

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2. Commitment

Commitment and loyalty are somewhat intertwined when we consider the way in which one should behave towards a partner. Commitment[3] is about promising yourself to the other person in terms of their physical and emotional needs. This feeling of ‘giving of yourself’ to the other person should also be reciprocated from your partner towards you. Commitment should always be a reciprocal feeling between both parties involved in the relationship.

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Commitment is an essential relationship skill that can be built upon and developed through spending more time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is because through getting to know them more as an individual, the strength of your commitment towards them should grow as well. Spending time together and building a strong sense of trust between your partner and yourself will increase both of your resolve that this is the person that you wish to commit yourself both physically and emotionally to.

Commitment as a word can also have negative connotations[3] attached to it, but essentially in terms of a relationship it should be something that you both consciously and gladly enter into.

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3. Trust

Trust[4] in any relationship stems from having faith. To have trust in anyone you must first be able to trust in yourself. You need to believe in your own faithfulness and respect towards your partner before you can possibly believe in their trust towards you. If you have any doubts regarding your own level of faithfulness then it is difficult for you to expect someone else to trust you in return.

Therefore, work on your trust with your partner by communicating with them and sharing your fears or concerns verbally. This communication will strengthen your bond emotionally in the process. To build trust in your relationship always tells your husband or wife the truth. Lead them by setting a great example and try to express your feelings and emotions to them wearing your heart on your sleeve. 

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4. Common Interests And Goals

To strengthen your relationship it is great to have some common interests or hobbies with your partner. This will give you a leisure activity or pastime which is separate from your working lives and can be a great way to do something creative and enjoyable together. If you both have separate interests for example if one person plays the guitar and the other enjoys going to art galleries, why not both learn about each other’s hobbies. One of you would learn the guitar in the process and the other person would learn more about art and culture. This is also a great way to bond and to get to know your partner more so embrace your differences and be open minded towards their interests and passions in life.

In terms of sharing goals[5] this is essentially what you both envisage happening in your future together. Where do you both want to live in a few years from now and do you both want to get married? Some of these big questions are deal breakers for some people and is important that you are both aligned on these larger relationship issues.

However, when it comes to smaller goals such as financial or personal goals, you do not need to be as equally committed towards them. Although it will strengthen your relationship if you can both support each other’s endeavors both professionally and personally. This is because doing so will built trust and commitment in your relationship for the long run.

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5. Having Fun Together

Lastly, in any relationship you are a team and you should both know how to have fun together. Being spontaneous from time to time can also help. For example you could plan a fun weekend away or book tickets to a movie or concert for your loved one. Surprises can be fun too so buying flowers for your partner for no reason or taking them out for a romantic meal could be an excellent treat for you both. It is these sorts of simple actions that can really make all the difference because they are fun activities which will help your relationship to blossom.

Having fun means that you are both enjoying each other’s company and that is really important in any great relationship. Having fun and laughing together will release feel good hormones and make you also feel good about yourself in the process.

A great way to have fun together would be to play games and sports such as tennis or to go swimming. Take up a new hobby together and go on more adventures in life. Seize the day and make the most of your relationship by developing the skills mentioned in this article.