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Sometimes in a relationship you can end up taking each other for granted. You many then feel that a certain spark or energy has disappeared from your connection. It is important to try to regain that sense of fun and enjoyment in your partnership. In this article, I will discuss five ways in which you can achieve this goal.

Reigniting a romantic spark can be a gradual process and does not have to happen overnight. It you put in time, thought and effort into re-connecting with your boyfriend or girlfriend then you can see the results in due course. The five suggested ideas are only some of many different ways to regain the romance in your relationship. However, I hope that my suggestions will give you some inspiration to get creative in your approach to love today.

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1. Surprises

Who does not love a nice surprise! From a small and unexpected present to a home cooked meal with candles, there are countless ways in which you can surprise[1] your partner. The important thing to remember is that it does not matter exactly what type of surprise you plan, it is simply rather the fact that you are showing effort in your relationship.

You can spend ages planning a surprise trip away or hiring hot air balloons, but these grand gestures can sometimes be short lived. Instead, focus on more intimate ways to connect with your partner such as booking their favorite restaurant and having a violin player serenade you both. Alternatively, something such as preparing a lovely day out in the countryside with a picnic and flowers could work wonders and make your partner very pleased and happy.

It is the little surprises which come from the heart that can really impress and show that you know your husband or wife very well. Be spontaneous if you wish to create an unexpected surprise for your partner. Surprises create a feeling of enthusiasm and energy within a relationship and may remind you both of the feelings you had when you first began dating. This is why an unexpected treat or outing could be said to help reignite the flame in your relationship.

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2. Holidays And Trips Away

Certainly everybody enjoys going on a holiday to escape it all and to relax. However, for some people this is a sheer luxury and can be very expensive. However, if you can afford to plan a holiday away then that is fantastic and you could even combine it with tip number one and make it a surprise for your partner. 

However, for others a simple weekend trip away somewhere new will be exciting and enjoyable enough for both of you. A romantic holiday or weekend trip away is essentially all about stepping outside of both your own and your partner’s comfort zones and into an unfamiliar environment.

When you are both somewhere new where you do not know anyone else or where you are exactly, it can actually act to strengthen your bond together. This is because you both then need to rely on one another for support and guidance. Therefore, a little trip away could reignite your respect and appreciation for your partner because you could see them in a new light in a new environment. 


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3. Deep Conversations

It is debatable to say that women enjoy conversations more than men due to their brain chemistry. There are studies that have shown women say on average over 13,000 more words a day than men[2]. However, having more deep conversations with your significant other could certainly act to spark up your relationship again. Debates and discussions are healthy in any relationship and can help you to both express your own opinions whilst learning more about your partner in the process too.

Try to find a peaceful time when you can both relax. Perhaps have music on in the background but not any other technology such as the television. This is because other devices may easily distract you from having a good conversation together. You want to be able to focus on each other and what is being said. You could choose subjects to discuss at random or put some ideas into a bowl to pick out. Write questions down for each other and mix them up. This kind of fun game will bring out new conversations and discussions which could be interesting for you both.

Learning to appreciate each other all over again through having deep conversations[3] every once in a while is a great technique for rebuilding the spark in your marriage. 

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4. Love Letters And Poems

Love letters are not only something you can write when ‘courting’ or ‘dating’ your partner. Romantic poems and letters can be used at any stage in a relationship, even if you have been married over twenty years. This is because you would be making your partner feel special and the fact that you have gone to a lot of trouble actually writing down your thoughts and ideas shows how much you care for them.

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If you struggle with poems then use quotes from your favorite writers. Explore love letters and poems online for more inspiration on this point. If you are artistic or creative then maybe you could choose to paint a picture or write a song for your beloved. Love letters do not have to be long winded stories confessing your devotion and passion, they could actually be a note stuck onto the fridge, a text message when your partner goes on their lunch break at work, or even a little post-it note saying you love them which you leave in their shirt pocket or handbag.

Love letters are simply a way to reconnect with your partner and in taking the time to show them that you care. Sometimes this is all it takes to fire up that sense of commitment and joy that you both have in your relationship.

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5. Go Dancing Together

Lastly, I wish to suggest the idea of going dancing with your husband or wife. When dancing you are putting your trust in your partner not to step on your toes or to let you fall over. This sense of physical trust which is extremely present in dancing can actually strengthen your relationship emotionally too. Dancing can highlight your vulnerabilities and sensitivities because you are expressing yourself and your emotions in a physical manner. Some people can find this embarrassing or difficult to do. However, committing to the task of dancing together shows that you are both willing to display your emotions physically and this could allow you to reconnect again.

Perhaps explore both attending a local dance class or try to dance together to an unfamiliar style of dancing. That way you are introducing an element of excitement and surprise into the experience as well. What better way to connect than through sharing in new experiences together.

I hope that these five brief ways to reconnect with your partner can provide you with a little bit of inspiration to get started on your own ideas. So why not show your loved one just how much you care for them today! Remember that there is no time like the present to tell your partner that you love and care for them.