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It can sometimes be difficult to tell if someone you know likes you romantically[1]. However, there are some signs to look out for which are both physical in terms of body language and verbal in the way of the communication they use. In this article I will address five of these key methods by which you can communicate romantic intent towards someone. In addition, it can help you to recognize if someone directs these sorts of actions towards you to know that they could be a sign of flirting.

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1. Eye Contact

When you like someone you will naturally make eye contact with them as a way of engaging in their conversation. In addition, it can show them that you are interested in what they have to say. This is because eye contact is a form of non-verbal communication[2].

However, when it comes to a crush or date one person may be nervous and struggles to make eye contact. This can be one of the ways to tell if someone likes you because they may feel shy around you. Hence they do not sustain eye contact but glance away periodically instead. However, be careful not to confuse this with a genuine lack of interest on the other hand. To be able to tell which it may be, consider the four additional points mentioned in this article. It is when you consider all the factors mentioned in this article that a better answer can be given to this discrepancy.

If you wish to impress a date romantically, then making eye contact at regular intervals will help to display your interest in them. Although try not to stare because this could be off putting to the other person. A good way to judge the amount of time to make eye contact for would be to compare that length of time to a breathing exhale and inhale, so a total of around five seconds should be a maximum guideline. After this time, casually glance down or into the near distance because this is a more natural approach to using eye contact for romantic intent.

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The way we use and display our body language[3] in conversations can reveal a lot about our feelings, intentions and personality type. If someone looks down at the floor frequently then they may be timid and shy as well as reserved in nature. If someone stands physically close to you then they may be communicating a real interest in you romantically. If your date tilts their head or plays with their hair then they may be trying to appear more attractive to you and it could be a signal of flirting towards you.

In addition, one should not read too much into the ‘arms crossed’ gesture because it could mean that someone is actually feeling the cold. However, it is also a sign of someone being closed off to social influence and engagement. It is a way for a person to protect themselves physically. If your date does this frequently then they may be trying to guard themselves from any displays of physical intimacy. Alternatively, if someone gestures showing the palms of their hands then this is a good way to tell that they are being honest and open with you. This sort of physical gesturing may happen if your date has a crush on you.

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3. Nervous Laughter

When someone is anxious, nervous or shy then they may laugh[4] as a way of filling in the conversation or lack thereof. A nervous laugh could be a sign that someone is feeling discomfort or tension. If you notice this signal but your date is being shy as well, they may have feelings for you but are unsure how to act. Help the conversation flow and break the ice by introducing a completely new topic of conversation for example. Alternatively, you could suggest moving to a different area of the room for a change of scenery. For example moving from sitting in chairs to standing by a balcony or window with a view would act to change the backdrop and to reintroduce a new conversational topic.

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4. Physical Contact

If your date reaches over and finds any excuse to touch your arm or leg then they may be signalling that they have a romantic interest in you. This is especially the case if they make frequent eye contact and smile a lot whilst talking to you and touching your arm or shoulder. This is because they are choosing to enter into your personal space and are attempting to show you that they are friendly and caring. This sort of physical action also displays an element of trust on both parts by allowing this contact to occur.

Equally if you wish to portray this sort of physical contact[5] towards your date too then look for signs from them that this would be an acceptable and welcome gesture. From their eye contact, smile and engagement in your conversation you may be able to tell.

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5. Formal Or Informal Conversation

When on a date you may find that the type of language your date uses is either formal or informal[6] towards you. If they offer you more professional information about themselves as a way of conversation then this may mean they are not as interested in you and that they want to maintain a sense of distance. However, if they discuss their family life or musical interests for example, then this could mean that they wish to open up more of their personality to you.

Look for these signs in the conversation and if you ask direct questions but they hedge answering them, then you can get a good sense of their feelings towards you and whether these are romantic in feeling or not.

I hope that these five pointers can provide some useful tips when you are next out on a date. Communication and having fun are the main aims of any date. But whether your upcoming date is successful or not, there are always points you can take away and learn from for the next time.