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The belief that a thought or an emotion can heal all things is quite intriguing. I have had all kinds of injuries and pains in my life, but I have not tried to think them away. I have prayed for release, bargained for release, and endured pain to more or less success. It would be a handy trick to be able to release pain with my mind.

I read in the introduction of lesson six in The Way of Mastery that this life is just a dream, and I am equal to all mankind, they in turn are equal with me. That was a reassuring thought as the text slipped into the next unit: If you would know love, know yourself.

This section begins by defining what love is, an all-embracing, allowing, and trusting emotion,LoveCredit: Deposit Photo which sees no difference in anything it looks upon. There are no special relationships and no levels of distinction. All are lost in the blissful state of knowing everything is all right and safe. The text explains that I cannot make love because I am love. My being is simply a conduit for love. According to several passages, I am confused because I am trying to seek for love outside myself. My true job is to look within and remove all the blocks I have to express and receive love. When I do not recognize this all, I give to another is a special form of fear. That was interesting, so I continued reading in the next section: The primary characteristic of mastery.

Who would not want to be a master? I was surprised to find that mastery is not knowing everything, meditating all day, or traveling to another country to embrace inner peace, it boils down to have no fear. The text explains that when I truly want to be reunited with source, I must trust everything, which unfolds. I may not understand how it relates, but in the grander scheme it is going to work out. I am then asked to look at the relationships in my life and to recognize that no one can bring love to me, and that is why I continually seek new friendships, lovers, and entertainers in an attempt to seize their light. I have a belief that if I can maintain a hold on them, my own inner light might start shining.

Imagine we all have electrical cords, the next paragraph invites, and we keep trying to plug them into the socket of another person or object. The socket never fits because the right socket is within us. I was lost for a moment in the analogy and pictured people trying in vain to plug into someone else. The frustration I envisioned was almost comical if it was not so sad. Reading on I am challenged to choose either fear or love. The next unit assured me: All you need is love.

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In this unit, I am reminded again that love heals, trusts, and is the only thing which will fulfill me. There is another reminder of how I cannot create, demand, or do anything, which causes love to be, it already is. A new analogy is presented, which is very vivid. I am to imagine that I have been given the pearl of love, but I have forgotten this, and I spend the rest of my life looking through the pockets of people around me in search of the jewel of love in their pocket, all the while forgetting the gem is on my own pocket. The purpose of this section is to persuade me that my peace and happiness lies in extending love rather than seeking love. A fascinating concept I must confess, but it is difficult to stop the momentum of looking for outside sources to soothe the empty feeling inside. I read on to the next section: Feeling is the doorway to love and freedom.

HeartsCredit: Deposit PhotoThis is where I am encouraged to embrace all of my feelings while looking at all the block, I have created to love. Once I have released them to the ether then I will be left with only love. The idols to love which I have created are compared to shiny gnats screaming to the world, “Look at me!”

The text assures me that I am wasting time and energy on something, which will never satisfy me when I look to anything but the source for love. When I finally choose God, I will shed the gnat and take on the power of the infinite. I am warned that if I do not make the choice for real love, I am doomed to suffering, and I will be bounced back to Earth after I die to try to get it right in a new life. The concept of reincarnation has been a recurrent theme in The Way of Mastery. The definition of reincarnation is slightly different from the one I am familiar with. The text mentions that we are dreaming a dream that we are separate. So reincarnation is simply a new dream until we decide to wake up. The end of this section encourages me to be humble, release my desires in favor of those from God, and to embrace my feelings. Through these steps alone I will see everything as the doorway to reuniting with my source. The final section in this lesson gives the last push to rouse my feelings: Only through feeling do you awaken.

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Concepts and ideas are for those who want to remain separate and detached from this life experience. That is a bold claim to make, in my opinion. The text goes on to share that feelings are the only way to find my way home. The next few paragraphs promise that when I choose to extend love, I will be free of all negative experience, meaning I will see the big picture and not be caught up in why things happen, I will know it is part of a plan, so I will be able to release it as a neutral experience instead of judging it as good or bad. Time and space are only devices to teach me how to be a conduit of love. The parting shot was this, the Earth has its own agenda and those who do not keep up with the new vibe will be jettisoned.

I enjoyed a few of the concepts this round, but I find anything, which threatens my emotional health and my physical health, to be a bit suspect. It is still an entertaining read which I will continue. What did you think of this lesson? Feel free to answer in a comment.