Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany, is famous as the most loving city for its visitMontage of MunichCredit: Ferrer via Flickrors. You may have heard the song “Munich Loves You,” by Marsmobil band. Yes this is the new slogan of the city and while in Munich you will know how justified this slogan is. The city will cherish you with its concoction of cultures. No matter where you come from Munich has something that matches the taste of all those who visit with place.

Munich is the major commercial hub in Germany and enjoys an international image. The city has always taken a unique standing during different historic eras. Munich people stood faithfully by the Catholic Church when the Germany was under reformation. During the Renaissance period when the Germany was progressing, Munich behaved like spoiled teenager and remained busy in bankrupting the growing organizations.

Before 1871, Munich was ruled by Ludwig and the empire of Bavaria remained independent. In 1860s the dropping popularity of Ludwig II provoked the German Government to take charge of the Bavaria Kingdom. The political instability rose after World War I and many communities started their movements against the government. Out of these Nazi party had a strong influence and was foreseen to take over the government any time soon.

1933 National Socialists came into power in Germany and built the famous concentration camp at Dachau which is in the north-west of the city. The remains of this historic camp are still present and can be visited. The site also displays detailed information on World War II.

When should you travel to Munich:

Munich has a variety of cultures. You can enjoy the real instinct of Munich by getting involved in all the activities which amuse the local. The city center is a cocktail of cultural influences. To indulge yourself into the real Munich life you may visit Residenz Theater and enjoy the contemporary and traditional plays. Nymphenburg Palace was once used as residence of the Royals during summers, now this palace famous tourist resort. There is a lot to explore in this palace, its widespread green gardens, ice-skating tracks, stables for the king’s horses, museum and the rich history. The night life of Munich is very welcoming for the ones who act like the locals. Once you show respect to their culture, you will get the best hospitality and experience the real Munich life.  Take a single turn from the main areas and you will find the food that was once in the Royal menu.

Beer tent and festivals

The gardens of Munich grow one of the best beers in the world. Oktoberfest, which is among the few largest beer tents in the world, is one of the most famous spots in Munich. The unique location of Munich also helps attracting a lot of visitors every year. Mediterranean beaches and Alps, the famous mountain range, received the large number of tourists.  The best season to travel to Munich is spring or autumn. However if you travel in winters you may get to see Munich’s sic weeks festival. If you plan to just transit through Munich, you sure will like to make changes into your itinerary.