Bobby Ann Tarcza and Richard Stegemeier had their first date in 1945.   It was their junior prom. They continued dating throughout the senior year.   Did you attend your junior prom?   There are people who can say they never attended the junior prom.   Their curfew times was 11 pm.   Does this curfew sound familiar to any that dated during 1945?   They went to  different colleges though and married different people.


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In 2011, Richard called to offer condolences to Bobby for the loss of her husband.  This eventually led to them taking off right where they left.  How nice was this?  Apparently, that love never died.     They decided to get married.  Their children and grandchildren were at the wedding.  I could just imagine her family’s thoughts on this love story.  67 years later, they are getting married after being apart for so many years.  This is a love story to remember.   

I believe because they are older, this makes this event so much more meaningful and memorable too.  This love lasted 67 years and I am sure will continue to grow for many more years. Just think, that is over half the lifetime of many.

Reasons I Love You Stones


Have you ever asked yourself, “What is love?”  Some say God is Love. Ephesians 3:19
“And to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge, that you might be filled with all the fullness of God.  Love is infinite and goes beyond knowledge. “I believe that.  According to Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist, she believes love is a drive and not an emotion.  She goes further to state that love is good for your health.  She emphasizes those that are happily married may suffer less depression.

Christine Arylo stated, “When a person leaves, the love does not die.”   She further states, “You need love to live, so you take it everywhere you can get it.”   Because both Richard and Bobby married different people,  although they received love in those marriages, their love for each other never really ceased.  In fact,  I imagine their love has grown tremendously.  If you ask, “Can love last?”  I believe that Richard and Bobby’s love never dies.   What do you believe?[4171][4172][4173]