Love and Romance in a Marriage

Couples, married ones especially, lose the romance after sometime, or do they really? Well, most certainly, they don’t have to lose the spark, even after twenty-five or so years. And how to keep it going? If you feel your relationship is fast losing the charm it had when you first met, don’t lose heart, you can make the next paragraphs your creed and you will definitely sense the fire rekindled (or heaven help me.)

Don’t take dates for granted. The reason why a relationship seems sweeter when it is still new is the fact that the partners take time out from their daily routines and go out. It doesn’t matter if the date is a well-planned event, complete with special foods and trimmings or just a simple walk along the beach. The main idea is to make any occasion you spend with your mate precious; enjoyable and memorable.

Flaunt your love for each other. A blatant public display of affection is not what I meant. There are couples who kiss in front of a crowd shamelessly and there are also those who refuse to do even just a simple hug when their kids are around. Kids would be more inclined to show love when they are surrounded by it, especially that which comes from their parents. They would be more likely to have lasting and loving relationships with their partners too. Children need to see that their father and mother sustain true love for each other so they would also believe that it is possible for marriage couples to last years without their fondness for each other deteriorating.     

It is never too late to rekindle a dying flame. There’s hope while there’s life, they say, and it is absolutely true. There are many instances of divorced couples reuniting; of an ex to become the one and only, again. It is not right to force what is not meant, to cling to something not worth clinging to. Yet, it is not also impossible that your fondness for each other is still very much present, even if it is no longer in plain sight. All it takes is the willingness to commit to each other once again and to build their rapport to what it once was. It would be more difficult when a third party is involved but nothing is unworkable when there’s determination to set things straight.

Bring romance and sex into the mix. Obviously, it is often the dwindling fire of romance that dooms a relationship. If the affiliation loses its exciting moments, the consequence would be disastrous. Nothing breaks a bond faster than the disregard of sex and what its magic gives to the relationship. Work on this facet; there’s nothing wrong with a forty-year-old romantic.

Keeping the fire alive is as simple as 1-2-3 when you do this together with your loved one. It takes two to tango, after all.