We are all smitten by the word love and we use it almost every day. Love is a much overused word because we can love chocolate or coffee and we love to talk, walk and we like talking about love. How many degrees of loves can we have or should there be levels of intensity at all? Love is love and that is all there is to it. How do we equate the fact that we might adore a cookie, with the love of a parent or the adoration for a deity of some kind?

Heart felt loving

Heart of the matter

Stone cold heartIs heart felt love better than desire all by itself, and if it is, why is the heart involved. Love is in the mind, is it not? Can a person with a heart of stone love anything at all and if they do cherish something is their heart no longer made from stone. Can a stone heart be broken or have Cupid’s arrow shot through it? It seems that a heart of stone will be untouched by tenderness whereas a heart of gold will be love personified.

Spoken love words

Loving commuication

Love is the greatest thingThe strangest use of the word love has to be in sporting games like tennis when a score of zero is described as 'love'. It is very difficult sometimes to express feelings in terms of love because the word is used so loosely in society today. Saying I love you is extremely difficult for some people who find it hard to express their innermost feelings to another person in a face to face situation.

Modern technology is beneficial in this regard, because it means that you can send messages of affection as a love sms and this means of communication has proved useful to many partnerships. Cell phones also facilitate spoken feelings between lovers from opposite ends of the earth but it seems to be at the expense of the more traditional love letter which ‘speaks’ volumes about romance.

For someone you love

at Christmas, Birthday or Just Because

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One way loving feeling

Living, laughing, loving

Love heart

If you find your love words hit their intended target, but are without a reply, then you must face the fact that it is unrequited love.  Love in unidirectional form is difficult if it is directed to another person. Affection aimed at inanimate things works fine because you can adore your car or love growing vegetables without any repercussions.

Pop stars are loved by hundreds of their fans but the love is only one way. The pop star may profess to love his/her fans but this is so different to the adoration coming from the fan base. Each fan will know a lot about the star but the star will know very little about each fan.  

Expressing your desire

That loving feeling

All you need to do is say I love you. Romantic words, however, are difficult to find sometimes and oftentimes a missed opportunity to utter the three letter phrase is regretted. All the practice in the world will not help if you lose your nerve at the crucial moment. Love is a deep affection, involving intense feelings, so if you cannot express how you feel don’t despair because you can ‘show’ your love in many other ways too. The heart is the universal symbol of love and if words fail you then present your loved one with a heart shapen token of affection.

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