love songIf you have ever been in a serious relationship, you know how the song goes. You have your good moments and you have your bad ones. At times you might feel the good moments don't last long enough. You might think your relationship is one long highway of problems and arguments. As they say, after the rain comes the sun. For any serious relationship to work you need to work at it. You could also sing at it, if that works for you. When you have such a strong feeling for someone, your mind gets saturated with thinking about that special person. You probably spend your time daydreaming. It is a wonderful feeling and you enjoy that feeling of complete and utter contentment. This new love of your life is like an extension of your body. After a while, you come down from your love cloud and have to deal with real situations. That is when you have to prove your love for the other. It is at times like this that you know if it was real love or just a fantasy.

When you spend so much time with someone, the inevitable will happen, you will have arguments. It will be a case of break up and make up. A quick kiss doesn't always fix long standing problems. You will have to talk or should I say, you will have to listen and understand your other half. What if your words are just not enough? You could sing. It doesn't matter if you don't sing like Celine Dion or like Michael Jackson. You just need to put your heart into what you singing. As long as you don't start some heavy metal tune, you should be ok. Here is a list of songs you could sing to woe back your wife or girlfriend and find solace in the arms of you lover.

Change the world: this is a great song because it states the effort you are prepared to make to get back with your spouse. "If I could reach the stars, pull on down for you". How sweet is that? You have to prove you really could reach the stars and change the world of your spouse. Another line says, "if I could be king even for a day, I'll take you as my queen and I'll have it no other way" Everyone woman would love to be a queen, with this song, you are on your way back

Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton: If you've really messed up, this is the way to go. You have a broken heart that needs to be mended but you don't know how. Let Toni Braxton help you with a few words " take back that sad word, goodbye and bring back the joy into my life, don't leave me with these tears, come and kiss this pain away". The message is clear that your heart needs fixing. You are also throwing in some hints about how to fix your heart. The part that says come and kiss this pain away will tell your spouse what she needs to do just in case she is left speechless after your flawless rendition of the song.

Please forgive me bryan adams: Still feels like the first night together. Those starting words show that you are still into her. You still have vivid memories of the lovely moments you've shared together. The first kiss and the sweet little nothing you whispered into each other's ears. There is no shame to say the words "please forgive me I know not what I do" It is obvious you are clueless. You need to drum to words home to her. She wants to know you need her to forgive you. So sing it out loud, "please forgive me".

Waters run dry by Boyz to Men: "We don't even talk anymore, we don't even know what we argue about" that is called analysis. You've taken the time to meditate on what is going on in your relationship. You want to save your love and give it a second chance. Once you've laid the foundation and have figured out what is wrong, you need to offer the solution. Here is how it goes "let's not wait till the waters run dry" That is the message and your love has got a lot of juice left, so sing your heart out while there is still moisture left in your vocal chords.

love song 1I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder: After you have been apart for a while you need to remind her that she is still your one and only. You could just burst out in tune by saying 'I just call to say I love you and I just call to say how much I care" If she is still in doubt, go one octave higher by singing "and I mean it from the bottom of my heart" Yes, let that last note ring in her ears. You need to show her you are the real McCoy and that your love is just a hot as day one.

Purple Rain by Prince: It doesn't matter if her favorite color is not purple. "never meant to cause you any sorrow, never meant to cause you any pain", those words alone will make her heart stand still and listen to what you are saying. If you know her favorite color which you should know, just change the rest of the lyrics to match the color. Yellow rain Yellow rain! You will show her you've done your home work and ready to grovel if that is what it takes.

I miss you like the desert by Everything but the girl: There is nothing that will melt the heart of a girl than to tell her you really miss her. If you were to set these words to music, how delicious will that be? "the years have proved to offer nothing since you've moved. You're long gone but I can't move on, and I miss you like the deserts miss the rain". You feel so dry like the desert without your sweetheart. She will definitely get the message with this song.

Cry for You by Jodeci: "It's been an hour since you've been gone, and that is too long so come back home, I can't live without you so I cry for you" That is enough to tell your spouse that you can't handle living without hear. You have been without her for an hour and your life has already fallen apart. Sing and let those words come right from your soul. You can't go wrong with this love song.