If you’re looking for love songs from the 80’s, whether it’s for a school project or if its just because you’re looking for songs to make you feel better after a breakup…or just because you’re looking for a good reminiscing session. Anyways, your best bet is to think over a few special songs that really capture the essence of what 80’s love songs were all about. Which is why we’re bringing good ole 80’s love songs back to the surface!

1. Jeffery Osbourne “Stay With Me Tonight”

First of all, you can find many ways to bajar musica gratis MP3 (download a free mp3 in Spanish) or download free music…and you can even find this song on the Grand Theft Auto IV radio stations! This song is not only catchy, but Jeffery Osbourne also has a pretty amazing voice. Nothing spectacular, but you could definitely listen to him for a few days without getting bored of his melodies. However, his music is a bit too funky for everyday use. But, if you’re looking for a love song where the vocalist isn’t sitting there croooooning over how their love left them…this has a funky beat that makes you WANT to keep listening!

2. Whitesnake “Is This Love?”

When it comes to absolutely beautiful songs from hair bands, this one definitely takes the cake. What many people don’t realize about hair bands is that they aren’t all metal and fluffy hair. There’s a lot to their lyrics and they usually have extremely catchy and soft lyrics when they’re writing a love song…and then they incorporate a little bit of the metal to the soft lyrics, well, it creates magic! Again, if you can’t take crooning and whining over love lost, then this is a perfect song for you. It’s more about questioning and it slow enough that you could theoretically slow dance to it…but, it still has a good beat.

3. Stevie Wonder “Just Called to Say I Love You”

No one can deny that Stevie has a beautiful voice and that his songs are beautiful as well. This one talks about the simplicity of love. Forget everything physical and the material gifts, and just think about love would have to be the best description of this word. It also seems to hint towards unrequited love just a little bit. If you need something to just sit back and relax and think over, lyric-wise, this would be your best bet. A truly relaxing love song.

4. Womack & Womack “Teardrops”

This is a funky, loud, out there song that talks about the tears shed during love…but not in the whiny way that you would expect. This song is very much upbeat—a perfect break up song to give you that perfect balance of feeling sad and getting over it! Definitely a song that you would want to check into where to download free mp3 and music gratis descarga (download free music in Spanish)!

What are your favorite love songs, from the eighties or otherwise? These are just a few examples of what you can listen too!