Love spells have been in use since ancient times. There are many reasons for this: there have always been people who love someone who doesn't love them in return, people don't know anyone to love and wish to draw a stranger to them, people who don't feel that they can win the affections of someone on their own and people who covet other people's lovers.

These same people believe that a powerful love spell will ultimately do them more good than doing what they can to improve themselves enough or believe in themselves enough to undertake trying to win the affections of another under their own power. In some cases, they are correct. The spell is effective because they make it so, and do not try to discover any other possibilities. The spell can be only as powerful as the believer allows.

Many people are skeptical of alternate forms of faith. They are suspect of anything that is not prescribed by their religion, or that does not fall under their conservative views. They refuse to believe that anything good for them can come from a source outside of what is considered the norm. But what is heresy to some, is a belief system to another. Such are love spells.

There are easy love spells and more difficult ones. There are Voodoo love spells and love spells that are practiced in many pagan followings. In many of the designations of faith known as paganism, spells in general are very similar to prayers in the Christian religions. So what is called a love spell might as easily be called a prayer for love. Some of the people who follow the pagan ways are devotees of Wicca, they call themselves witches and call what they practice witchcraft. For anyone who is not of the pagan ways, those are frightening words.

Others who follow the pagan path refer to the results of their spells as having done magic or cast magic love spells. Magic is a word completely misunderstood by most people. Even the major film corporations use the word magic when referring to marvelous occurrences that happen. Or use it as a word to explain what fairies do when they are flitting around sprinkling their glittery dust.

Love spells can be as simple or as difficult as the person who creates or casts them. Some involve merely a whispered wish, others use potions and others candles. Some call all of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water, to their side when invoking a love spell. Occasionally, an industrious caster may choose to use all the resources available.

An example of a love spell might be what some people would consider deep meditation, and could be similar to the following: to begin, visualize the object of your desire. Use every facet of your imagination to recall intricate details of the person: the way they smell, the way they look, their stature, the color of their eyes, the sound of their voice and so on. Imagine that person with you now and what you would say, what you would do. Think about what you would like to change about this person or their circumstances. If the change you want is to make them your own, change their address to the same as yours or even that they propose marriage to you, you must identify that desire. Consider and understand what the implications or consequences of the desire may be. Concentrate deeply and clearly focus on the object of your desire. Light a pink candle, symbolizing love and affection. State the name of your intended out loud. Say the words, "So this candle burns does my desire for you." Allow the candle to burn until it goes out on its own.

Other love spells may involve rhyming lines, such as:

I look for the man of my dreams,
please let him be all that he seems.
May his actions be his own, and free
and may my Love be brought to me.

Love spells can also incorporate the use of gris gris bags, which are small bags, made of either cloth or leather which contain items that can be reminiscent of the spell itself, or of the person that it was cast upon, such as aromatic oils or pieces of stone or possibly herbs. They are put onto a leather thong and worn about the neck, much as an amulet.