Once upon a time you had to be a gypsy to read tarot cards, it's still not a bad idea. However, these days you can enjoy telling fortunes or having your future read via on line psychics, fortune tellers or tarot card readers. Use bing.com or google to search for tarot cards on line. Most people are familiar with the Rider Waite tarot deck with it's sunny yellow colored background. There is a fine website called the Tarot garden (tarotgarden.com) that can be your source for any obscure deck. I found my deck there which had been out of print for many years. The deck I like had been commissioned as the illustrations for a book by Alfred Douglas on tarot.

Most people come to tarot because they want to know their love cards. The suit of cups is particularly about love, although a spread may include cards of all suits as well as the trump cards or "Higher Arcana" as they are sometimes called. The Face Cards are interesting and include, The Chariot, The Lovers, Death, The Star, The World. They're fun to look at just from an artistic standpoint. Pick a deck that appeals to you. Some a very simple, some are filled with hidden meaning based on subconscious symbolism. The Golden Dawn Tarot in particular was drawn to bring up ideas upon meditation.

To meditate on your tarot cards simply pull one out at random and look at it for a while. Notice how you feel. See what comes up. Pay attention. There may be a message based on the accepted meaning, or the meaning that came with the deck you bought, or a meaning that comes to you based on the picture. For example the Death card. Some would look at it as if it were a premonition of a death in the family. Other people see it as a more broad meaning, the end of something, the closing of an era. And some people take it even further and say that the Death card symbolizes a new beginning.

The truth is, even though the believers in the Golden Dawn wanted to prove that tarot cards had their origin in ancient Egypt, no evidence of that has been discovered. Cards started appearing in the Medieval period in Europe, and have not been traced further back than that. No connection to Jewish arcane teachings was ever proved either. That doesn't mean you can't see the Jewish symbols that were drawn into the Golden Dawn pack as they now stand. IT also doesn't make the meditation less valid.

You can read your own cards are have your cards read. To read your own cards shuffle them well taking care to alter them so some are upside down. Cut the deck three times to the left with your left hand before laying them out in a spread. Place four cards in a circle for east west north and south and one in the middle. Turn them over to see how they connect to the various aspects of your life. Cards with Kings, Queens, Knights and Knaves often represent people you know or people you may meet. The lower Arcana show trends that happening in your life. If what you draw on the left side of the spread seems to match your past than what shows on the right is a probable outcome. Tarot card spreads are not set in stone.

At any time you can change your future by changing your present. You can actually even change your past by looking at it differently. For example you may believe you are a nice person, a person who is too open and too giving and gets taken advantage of easily. The truth is, maybe you aren't a nice person. Maybe you have just been lazy and don't pay attention to what is going on. Maybe you like (on a subconscious level) being taken advantage of, because you use it to justify why you haven't done better in life. Maybe. Only a hard honest look at yourself can reveal what the truth is. The truth might be completely different, maybe you ARE a nice person, and you have no self preserving boundaries.

The future can be told from different tarot card layouts, sometimes called spreads. Another easy future spread is to shuffle the cards, well, at least seven times, and put down seven cards in a row across. You turn them over one by one, each one signifies a day of the week. You may have a majority of cards from one suit. Wands has to do with work, employment, or health sometimes they are called staffs. They represent the "earthy" aspects of your life. Coins has to do with your finances. It's a bit more ethereal than work, as your investments and assets are sometimes different on paper than what you do for a living. Cups has to do with your love life, including your spiritual love life, and love of God and the Universe. The realm of the supernatural is covered in the suit of cups. The forth suit is called Swords and it concerns your intellectual life.

These four suits correspond to the modern day deck as Wands became clubs, Coins became diamonds, Cups became hearts and Swords became spades. I have also heard the four suits represent the four classes of society in medieval Europe. Wands were peasants, Coins represented merchants, Cups were the clergy and Swords the aristocracy. Within each one of us we also carry these four interests in our lives: Wands being our most basic needs, coins the slightly higher than basic luxuries, cups being our emotional needs, and swords being our intellectual needs.

To be happy a person likes to be above the basic needs, capable of having a discretionary needs, a love life and something to think about. Some people of course, never get to level four. They prefer not to think, merely to be entertained. Tarot cards can certainly be used for entertainment purposes. I don't think it's right for people to use them for dark arts.