One of the utmost misapprehensions about astrology is the assessment of Sun Signs in relation to finding the ideal companion. Nothing could be more deceptive.

Evaluating Sun Signs to resolve compatibility issues can be compared to deciding whether one cultural group will match with another group or not. In short, it is not only nonsensical, it is misleading. Apart from this, it does not work and is incorrect.

The Zodiac is the basic conditions of the personality. The Rising Sign or Ascendant is the actual person, the one who faces the external world. It is also how a being emerge to the external world.

Comparing the Charts

There are abundant factors to be considered to conclude compatibility. The following are only a few:

  • Both of the Natal Charts must be made using the accurate and exact time of birth

  • Planets of one person are placed in the other person's Natal Chart

  • Shaping the characteristic made between the parties

House Of Marriage

In addition, the astrologer must evaluate the 7th House and the Planets contained therein. Next, each person's planets are evaluated in relation to that House in so far as one person bringing a planet to the other's 7th House.

The 7th House deals with the matrimony partner, or anything on a 50-50 basis like a business partner.

Equally important is the 5th House. This is the House of assumption. It rules relation, children, romance and amusement.

Religious Ties

A Mars/Venus characteristic shows the astrologer if there is a religious tie to each other. For example, in the Charts of males and females, astrologers make a note of the location of the males' Mars and the sign it lives in. The females' Venus is positioned in her chart and the sign it lives in.

For instance, if her Venus is in Scorpio and his Mars is in Scorpio, the pair has a Mars/Venus Conjunct.

A Conjunct characteristic draws two people mutually and swiftly and makes for a strong desirability. This is considered good.

Uranian desirability

These are very quick attractions that draw two people jointly like a run off of lightening. A correlation begins very fast but as quick as it begins it crackles and ends.

A Word of concern

This is a concise enlightenment as to only a few of the thoughtfulness a knowledgeable astrologer must note when doing a chart assessment. There are numerous other factors to take into relation. An precise work-up should contain at least twenty five pages per person.

Same Sex unification

They are done in the same way whether it is female and female or male and male. The planets take part in the same role as they would for a male/female pair.