Going through a divorce or breakup with your girlfriend, wife, husband, or boyfriend is never an easy thing to do, especially if you were the person who didn't want to go through with the split. What you have to remember, is that life will go on. I'm not saying that you should get over the breakup in a matter of days. What I'm saying is that eventually you will learn how to get over it. The best way to heal a broken heart is with time. Read on to learn tips that will help you get over a broken heart and move on with your life.

The first thing you need to do is try to develop a short term memory about your situation. I know this is going to be a hard thing to do, especially if you may have been with the person you were with for a long time and had come to develop extreme feelings for the person. But look at the bright side. There are millions of other people out there who may be the right one for you. This may not happen overnight but with time you will come to get the person out of your mind if you keep working on forgetting about the person.

You need to get rid of anything that will remind you of your ex. This means getting rid of pictures, gifts, and giving them back all of their stuff. This will help ease the pain and help you forget about that person. Don't keep anything around that will bring back memories of things you did with that person nor don't go to any places that you and your ex may have frequently visited.

Keep yourself busy by doing the things you love to do. If you love riding your bike, then go for it, or you like reading then read books by your favorite author. You are going to also need your friends too. Hang out with your friends a lot and do more fun things. Whatever you do, don't sit around the house all day and feel sorry for yourself. This is not going to bring your ex back especially if he or she does not want to be with you anymore. Instead occupy yourself doing things that you enjoy doing. Also, don't let the breakup affect your work and social life. You want to avoid bring these types of problems to the workplace as much as possible. 

Start dating other people. You should try to get your ex out of your mind and find other potential people to be with. Don't bring your ex up with new people you may start to date. This will send them running for the hills!! Go out to bars and places where singles are likely to frequent at and just take the time to get to meet new people. Try to set up as many dates as you can. Don't seem desperate when talking to people. Just play cool and be yourself.

Know that this pain you are feeling won't last forever. Just learn from your mistakes and what went wrong in your relationship and get on with life. Trust me, you will be able to move on eventually.... And I'll leave you with this: No man or woman is worth you taking your life over or commiting a crime! There are millions of other men and women out there and ONE of them is just right for you! Good Luck!