In a place like Singapore where food is abundant and cheap, you would think that nobody wants to eat instant noodle.

You realize how wrong you are when you enter the supermarket.

There are rows of instant noodle brands. You can see the residents stocking up on their favorite instant noodle and cup noodle.

You wonder why is there a need to eat instant noodle when food is so cheap.

The reason is the love and hatred for instant noodle.

Many people love instant noodle for the taste and ease of cooking.

It is even better with cup or bowl noodle. You just pour boiling water, cover the bowl for a minute or two, and a bowl of hot and steamy meal is waiting for you.

Why do we hate instant noodle?

The reason is that instant noodle is not a healthy choice. If you eat instant noodle everyday, you will die soon.

There was a sad incident of the death of two Malaysian students studying in Japan a few years ago. They wanted to save money, so they relied on instant noodle.

They died in the end, even before they finished the course.

This isolated incident might not enter the realm of international politics had the Malaysian government not over reacted.

The Malaysia government blamed the Japanese government for causing the death of the two students. The Malaysia government told the Japanese government to keep the cost of living lower.

The Japanese government retorted by saying that if the students could not afford to study in Japan, they should not come.

This international blame game started because of instant noodle. While this storm blew off in a few weeks, this caused us to think carefully about eating too much instant noodle.

Despite the fact that everyone knows instant noodle is unhealthy, since the seasoning is full of chemicals, there is no doubt that the chemicals are tasty.

There is also no doubt that instant noodle, and even cup or bowl noodle, is cheaper than fast food.

A bowl of hot and steamy instant noodle with two eggs and some spring onion and parsley is a tasty dinner. This is a luxury when the storm is raging outside.

Are there ways to make this unhealthy food healthier?

As long as you do not use the seasoning, you can enjoy the noodle without worrying about your health.

You can make chicken soup stock, and use it to season the instant noodle.

You can use sesame oil to boil corn soup before adding the instant noodle into the pot.

You can add fresh vegetables to the soup. You can add different spices, and herbs to make the soup tastier and healthier.

Most people love the instant noodle for the texture of the noodle. You can enjoy eating the noodle without the need to take in harmful chemicals.

Cup and bowl noodle are great choice for a camping trip. You reduce the need to cook when you carry some cup and bowl noodle. You can supplement your diet with cereal bars, chocolate, dried fruits and nuts.

Do you love instant noodle?