When we are hooked up to a person and yet still feel that someone better exists out there, it is simply frustrating. The faint-hearted might be propelled by the thought into action, setting out to find that which is missing. Sometimes even faithful couples can agree on the fancy short-term gains found across the dating passionate fence at least as breathing space for their strenuous relationship. This is the very reason why it really takes more than free will and love to sustain a marriage. The truth is, it takes daily sacrifices and a lifetime commitment by each party to the marriage.

A search for good things and the exotics we always think we are missing out on, frequently ends up where it all begun, - the marital bedroom. We learn and realize that we always did have what we thought we were missing, and that across the fence fantasies are just illusions. Thoughts of philandering are often born of fond memories resident in a happy past, maybe with a college mate or junior employee during the first job after college. People have actually packed and even walked out of ten year-old marriages in search of more dating and blissful experiences elsewhere. They search for better replacement while still in a marriage arrangement. This depicts disrespect to a partner of many years. Such a drastic and ill-advised turn of events always leaves the errant partner ultimately emotionally drained and with no marriage to salvage.

These discontented partners forget that nobody ever bumps into love just like that; everyone must nurture it persistently. A stupid decision can spell doom to a great, dating and loving and wonderful family, making children to start out on an uncertainty life, an obscure destiny that is not consequent to their faults at all. The children eventually get to know who the deserting parent really is, and that the person is a selfish and instinctive driven person. A parent easily loses the respect of children and also the other members of the extended family. Close friends arise against such decisions although at most times, the possessing quest for a newly found love will never let a person to be logical enough to notice it.

But that time where you will have to face the full force of reality will certainly come. It will be a realization of how much agony one will face in the long run. At this specific point, the fact that changing anything, even with dating, is literally impossible will be crystal clear. The partner you left behind will be way ahead and out of a sour shell, having picked their life together, sewn the pieces and forged ahead. Most partners who were unfaithful are not given to running away from their home, due to lack of satisfaction they initially tasted. This is as a clear result of the perception of the negative side of the mirror which the other partner wields.

It is lack of communication that leads to severed relationships, and next in line, the partners start noticing better things on the other side of the coin. For one who would like to be safe from these kinds of strain, the secret is communication, dating, support and love. Love is that medicinal ingredient that heals all wounds, from intimacy to infidelity. Try it on your partner today and save yourself lots of heartbreaks.