How do you feel about food? Have your say:

Food is a horrible temptation for me. I could easily eat only junk food, only carbs, all kinds of bad food, and skip all the vegetables and protein and healthy nutritional stuff. But in the past two years my diet along with my new sedentary job have caused me to gain a lot of weight, and I've had to put my mind to the task of losing it. I've had to refine my eating habits a lot and find the motivation and energy to exercise regularly. It's not easy and I haven't met my goals yet, but every day is a new day to keep trying. - New Jersey

Food is love. At least in my family. Food is available at every family holiday, graduation, birthday or other gathering. It's so hard to resist the delicious homemade appetizers, side dishes, roast beef, lamb, pork and wonderful desserts. And when you do cut back or avoid certain things; people notice. Food is a part of the celebration. It's the way we show we care. I'm working hard to lose weight - but - it's so difficult! Portion size and consistent exercise is key. - Chicago

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. Food is my substance of choice. Every morning I get up, look in the mirror and groan, weigh myself and groan, and pledge that today I start my diet. I’ve performed this same ritual for the past thirty years. - Naugatuk

Food is the devil. Exercise its enemy. And I am stuck in the middle. Going to the gym is always tiresome, so when it comes to losing weight, I get the short end of the stick. Without a doubt, it takes all the effort within me to lose weight and hit my goal for the week. This week, I plan on running three times, eating all vegetables, and lifting weights on Saturday. Losing weight won't be a problem for me this week! - New Windsor

Food is needed every day to keep us alive but most times for me it is hard to eat healthy. I love carbohydrates and sweets. Going overboard causes weight gain and it is hard to loose weight for me. I don't like to exercise much but it is important in loosing weight along with eating the correct calories and aiming towards healthy foods rather then fatty foods.- Barnegat

Food is good! Except fried foods and too-sweet sweets. I kept saying that for years, and eating pretty much that way. So I stayed reasonably trim. But I wanted to be really slender. My wish came true--after a big surgery and soon after stopping my estrogen pills, I lost 8 more pounds and am now soooo slim. I didn't realize that my skin would stay the same old size, so not it's long sleeves, no shorts, and do I dare visit the face doc? And to top it all off, new research shows that being heavy-ish isn't bad for you! - Chapel Hill,

Food is a necessity in our lives. We however need to determine how much food to eat to maintain our wait. If anyone ever figures this out they will be very rich. I literally have to survive on 500 calories a day to lose wait. And, I hate the tiny friend or relative who can eat a big mac and fries and still look like she just stepped out of a fitness magazine. Dieting sucks and all who have struggled know that it does!!! - GermanTown

Food is a magnet to me. It has a funny way of drawing me to it, despite all those voices in my head saying 'Don't do it!' I stand on the scales and don't like what I see, yet I strangely find myself continuing to climb on them each day to see what they say but yet again the food starts calling to me and drawing me closer. I squeeze myself into the trousers I desperately want to wear, all to no avail, but alas I still cannot fasten them and worse still they feel tighter than they did before! I write down the food I am eating in a book so I can see what I am eating and it's all going well, well at least for 1 or 2 days, but then the food starts calling to me again and like a magnet starts pulling me towards it. Just 1 more bite won't do any harm the voices tell me. Low and behold I've found the solution for me - I have my 1st baby and find that after breastfeeding my figure has changed and I am looking and feeling the thinnest I have ever been! A bit of a drastic solution for some maybe, but it worked for me!!! - Manchester

Seven months ago, when I arrived in NYC, I took 10 pounds. I decided to lose weight and stop eating! What a good idea! I took 3 pounds more! Today, I finally lost 13 pounds that I had gained. I just eat more fruits and vegetables but I eat to have enough. - New York