How many times do you look into a mirror and rather than appreciating the fact that you are alive, and able to look into the mirror, you notice all your faults. Woman are especially guilty of this - when we look into the mirror, we complain about the way our hair falls, the way our legs look, or we are just unhappy about our overall appearance. We pour over glossy fashion and beauty magazines, comparing ourselves to the super attractive models, yet we fail to realize that our role models have been air-brushed to perfection and they too, wake up without make-up and without perfect hair. Once we come to the realization that perfection is not a reality, we can begin to love ourselves for who we are and what we are.

Happiness comes from within, and when we reach that point of looking into a mirror and being content with our reflection, we are taking the first steps to loving ourselves. Our bodies are simply vessels which house what is really important, like our personal values, our morals, our beliefs and our thoughts. Rather than focusing on our appearance flaws, we should try to focus on our characteristics and traits and try each and everyday to make the world a better place. The next time, you look into that mirror, say something nice to yourself - it may sound strange at first, but try it. Compliment yourself on the color of our eyes, or simply appreciate the fact that you are able to walk over to the mirror and that you are able to see yourself.

Love yourself

Love yourself, truly love yourself and you will begin to appreciate the small wonders in life. Visit uplifting websites, such as and start each day with a dose of inspiration. To truly appreciate the wonders of your life, spend your time helping those who are less fortunate than you are, or say a kind word to a friend, or better yet - an enemy.

Life is a wonderful journey, and rather than spending our days whining and complaining about the fact that our hair does not fall perfectly, or that our thighs are not super-skinny, why not rather accept our bodies and appreciate each new day. Each day is a new beginning and we are all given the opportunity to correct our wrongdoings and bask in the joy of true happiness. To quote Mark Twain "whoever is happy will make others happy too" - why not put it to the test.