Lovebird prices vary among the different species and buyers must remember that to buy a living animal is not like buying a screwdriver or a hammer. An animal has a lifetime, and considering the purpose of buying it, you might consider more than just the picture and the price.

Lovebirds are very sweet and lovable birds, but their characters can differ a lot from each other. They cannot be taught to say words, but can be trained in certain habits. Training works best when started at a young age. When you decide to buy birds for breeding, or even only as a pet, try to find original breeders. Try to avoid local shops if you are serious about these birds. The reason for this is that you want to know what you are buying. You would want to know the history and the environment the birds came from. Buying from the original breeders will not be a guarantee, but you can get at least an idea of the history of the birds, and their age.

Baby birds are cheaper than adult birds, as an adult bird that is past its lifetime breeding cycle is not worth the same price as a year old bird. If you like to buy birds for breeding, the safest way to buy lovebirds, is to buy them young. With young lovebirds, you will notice that their colors are not as bright as that of the adults. If you want to have a lovebird as a pet, you will have the best results by hand rearing it as a baby. Of course, if you buy a lovebird that was hand reared, it could be up to twice the normal price.

With most lovebird species, it is very difficult to determine gender. The females are usually bigger than the males and can be more aggressive. However, it is still very difficult to determine gender at a young age. Even for the most advanced breeders it can be very hard to sell a young breeding pair. The only way you will truly know is to have a DNA test done. Doing a test after your purchase will cost you a few more dollars, but at least you will not have to wait a year before realizing you actually bought two male birds.

Lovebird prices can differ greatly between countries as well. Price also depends on the price of birdseed and many other factors. There are about nine main species and they may vary between $40 to $200 each. Some of the pied mutations can reach up to as much as $700 each.

Lovebird are joyful; they will soon make you forget the price you paid for them.