Credit: Everystockphoto: s-a-m

Loving Yourself...

   As cliché as it may sound, loving yourself is very important, important as a factor in your quality of life, your relationships and even career choices. Reasons for why people don't love themselves or love themselves enough, varies, but some of the main reasons are; childhood neglect, poor self image and feeling the need for external validation over internal validation. All of the reasons can be deep seeded and deep rooted, but not irreversible. The purpose of this article is not to attempt to broadly psycho-analyze readers, but to genuinely attempt to assist people with looking inside and finding anything they truly love about themselves and using it as a platform or foundation for loving themselves more and more. Here are a few tips for yourself, because it's important to do so.

Tip 1: Treat Yourself

   Whether you have a family, mountains of responsibilities or spend most of your time alone, take time out of each day to treat yourself to at least one thing you enjoy. This is a great tip because it's about you, feeling important enough within yourself to take the time to do something that makes you smile. Your happiness is your responsibility, take it very seriously. 

Tip 2: Invest in Yourself

   Taking initiative to do things that that will better yourself is definitely a great tip for self-love, It's a productive step in the right direction. Make goals for self-impovment, this could be learning a new language, a new skill or it could be exercising and becoming more healthy. Making goals to inhance yourself is again about you, this is a sure fire way to boost your self-esteem and inspire positive feeling about yourself. It may take some discipline, but you're worth it.  

Tip 3: Accept Yourself

  Maybe the most important tip, accepting yourself is central to what loving yourself is really all about. A really great way of doing this, is everyday write down one thing you truly don't like about yourself and under that find and write down at least 5 reasons for why that thing could be a good thing that serves you. For example: if something you can't stand about yourself is you cry a lot, some reason that could be a good thing is, you allow your emotions to not be bottled up, someone else may feel safe enough to cry in your presence, and you're not someone who is emotionally numb. The point is to embrace who you are and not feel like you need to change, accepting yourself is truly loving yourself. 

Law of Attraction

It's really quite simple, you attract who you are, if you are someone who doesn't love them self then you're going to attract people who don't love you either. This isn't an article about finding love outside of yourself anyway, but just as a note: you have to truly love yourself first before anyone else truly will. It's the same principle with belief, if you don't believe in yourself nobody else will. Be bold enough to say to yourself that you are enough! No more pity parties and no more sorrow, loving yourself is about being brave, and if you're reading this, I know you are brave enough