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How to increase your Adsense earning

Tips and tricks to increase Adsense earning

I have seen many webmasters report low Google Adsense earning recently in major forums or webmaster discussion sites. 

Based on research done, the issue is very much related to the selection of keywords, website niche and ads placement.  Webmaster who is suffering from low Adasense earning can consider some of the simple rules below to boost your Google earning.

Select a profitable niche before investing into domain name and hosting.  Do your own keywords research and only select keywords with high CPC. For an example financial, business, forex trading niche are likely to be more profitable compared to general advertisements.

Select domain with high ‘exact search’ keywords by using the Google adwords keyword tool. Also think about the keywords that usually people will be using for search, (example - how to trade forex). Believe or not, your website is likely to benefits from this; meaning more traffic or visitors to your website

Careful selection of Advertisements Placement or use of Wordpress theme which is CTR optimized for an example. As a webmaster, you should not neglect the placement of Adsense advertisements on your site. Always think where you should place an advertisement to get maximum CPC. Whether you like it or not, good ads placement will definitely improve your CTR, CPC and total earning.

Maximize the use of banners and links unit for your advertisments placement. You can maximize the usage of 3 banners and 3 ads links with Google Adsense. Personally, will choose the large banners on the header, sidebar and in middle of the blog.  Place the advertisement links within the blog contents to maximize the CTR too.

Do enable Text and Image instead of only text / Image. This to enable Adsense to automatically show the advertisement that has highest bids, as well as changes to get an ad all the time.

Hope the simple tips could help you to increase the Google Adsense earning. Feel free to comments or share your tips and tricks.