In the last few weeks I've been going through a huge pesto phase so I've been trying all sorts of new ways to cook low carb foods with my sauce du jour.

This is a delicious meal that will feed roughly three to four people depending how much food you like to eat.

Things You Will Need

4 large diced up chicken breasts
2 tablespoons olive oil
6-8 cups broccoli
1 Jalapeno
3 tablespoons Pesto

Step 1

Pre heat your non stick frying pan to about 3/4 temperature

Step 2

Add Olive oil and then add in chopped up chicken and grill until chicken is 90% cooked.

Step 3

Chop up your broccoli and jalapeno and add it to the frying pan.

Add 1/4 cup of water and then place a lid over top of your food to steam the veggies.

Step 4

Once the broccoli is a little softer, add in your three tablespoons of Pesto and reduce the temperature and stir in the pesto well.

Step 5

Allow to cool slightly then serve!

Tips & Warnings