First off, I want to start out by saying that I am very grateful that the owners of InfoBarrel, Kevin and Ryan, allow us writers to integrate Chitika ads to potentially increase our earnings. Nothing in this article has anything to do with InfoBarrel. Just because Chitika sucks, doesn't mean InfoBarrel does too. We are lucky to be able to get 100% revenue from them, even if the earnings are very low as of late.

Content writers and owners of marketing niche sites all over the world are up in arms recently since Chitika performed their "upgrade". Funny thing is, it only seems to be an upgrade on their end, and everyone else is taking massive losses never seen before. Is it possible that Chitika shot themselves in the foot with this new "upgrade" in which they surprised everyone without notice, and took over a month to complete? Perhaps they have. Whatever the final outcome, here are the top 3 reasons why Chitika sucks since performing their upgrades, in no particular order:

Low Earnings

Ever since the upgrade has completed, Chitika users from all over the world are experiencing a massive drop in earnings. Just take a look at their most recent blogs, the comments are overwhelmingly negative and most of the problem stems from people earning just pennies a day as opposed to the dollars they were used to seeing before the "upgrade".

Just about everyone here on InfoBarrel is experiencing the same poor results. Possibly the top earner on this site, jcmayer777, reported going from a fairly consistent $25 to $30 a month, to mere pennies per day.

I have been seeing the same trend on my end as well. During the month that Chitika was under construction, performing their "upgrades", I earned over $20. I had quite a few clicks worth $3 to $4 a piece throughout the month of May, and it was my highest earning month to date. Before that, I had been earning an average of $10 per month, which is still surprisingly 10 times as much as I've made since June 1. Since the upgrades have completed over 90 days ago, I have earned about $1.

If Chitika got upgraded, then why did pretty much everyone's earnings degrade? Perhaps the answer is simple - Chitika sucks.

Not Accepting New Clients

This is one thing that has been bugging me for a while. I wrote an article about setting up and using Chitika ads here on InfoBarrel in the middle of April, and people were commenting about how Chitika was not accepting new applications until the upgrades were completed. Well, the upgrades completed a month and a half later around the beginning of June, and people are STILL not being accepted. So, by my calculations its been at least 3 months since Chitika has accepted any new publishers. The upgrade has been complete for over 90 days as of the date of this article.

What's the deal, Chitika? I thought you were going to be accepting new applications as soon as your "upgrades" were complete? Turning down hundreds and thousands of valuable clients is a really poor business decision, me thinks. Yet another reason why Chitika sucks.

No Longer Displays Clicks per Day

The fact that I can no longer see how many clicks I get each day is extremely suspicious to me. Why would they all the sudden remove this column? What exactly is the point of that and how does that benefit me in any way? It doesn't, and that's why I smell fish.

If I can't see that I got a click, how do I know they're not stealing my earnings? If I see that I made a whopping 7 cents today, how do I know if that was from 1 click or 2 clicks? They are blocking this information for a reason, and it's starting to seem like a malicious reason seeings how virtually EVERYONE has seen such a massive drop in earnings.

The worst part about all of this is, the owners of Chitika don't even seem to care. I have noticed that they haven't posted a blog in well over a month now, which means they probably want to avoid more negative posts in the comments section. Chitika has angered a lot of its users, and many of them have decided to simply drop them altogether. Who can blame them? If you're not earning anything from them, and they're acting suspicious, why be associated with them? I have a hunch that Chitika is on its way out the door.

Anyone else think Chitika sucks? Post your experience below and share your thoughts on the new Chitika "upgrade".