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Low cost emergency survival kits are vital for every man alive. Anytime, anywhere, the things we least expect could happen. The worse part of it is when we find ourselves in an emergency situation, helpless, hopeless and confused. We try to grasp for the most basic things we need for survival yet most of the time, the things we do not have. With this idea, we might as well remember to consider that emergencies are likely to happen without a hint, anytime of the day and anywhere we could be. We can do nothing to stop emergencies because they are emergencies. The only thing that we can do is to deal with any emergency situation.


We might need low cost emergency survival kits. We deal with the whole duration of the emergency crisis through the essential things we consider in a daily basis as ordinary, but could be very helpful in times of crisis. These kits may contain a variety of things. They might be things we already used to bring or things we never carry with us every time. Kits however, may not be carried. There are those that are kept and left at home. Carried or left, they should contain similar items that are vital for our survival throughout the breakthrough of crisis.

Categorizing the Survival Kit Contents

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Low cost emergency survival kits may contain variety of items. We may take into consideration the needs of a man that cannot be delayed or be taken for granted as this may worsen the present condition if not attended as soon as possible. With this, prioritization of the needs of a person is given importance. Items within the low cost emergency survival kits can be categorized depending on prioritization and what it is used for.


Low cost emergency survival kits should carry the following vital basic things. Top of the list is water. Man cannot survive without water. A day without water may cause or hasten the death of an individual. Water is the most essential nutrient of the body. It is in reality the second thing that man needs next to oxygen. Because the human body excretes water through many portals, replacement is a must. Another thing to consider is food.  Crackers and candies are very common remedies during emergencies. These foods contain carbohydrates that could sustain the need of the body for energy. Energy need is doubled during crisis because a person is in stress. Thus, having these two items would surely help.

Health Items in the List


Water and food can be included in a low cost emergency survival kit but we should also include items that can be used for survival. These are the medicines. Fundamental medicines that are over-the-counter would certainly be a big asset to anyone in emergency situation. Injuries are very common in any emergency situation and most probably, injuries are not the only entity that is usual. Illness can also be a frequent companion during this time.

As we know, an emergency is a form of stress and this means that our body is making effort to cope with it. In the absence of adequate supplies for survival, the body could cope slowly and the immune system may weaken. Pain reliever is truly without question a need in times of emergencies. Injuries may not be solved directly but they could be dealt accordingly. When pain is relieved, one could think and see things clearly and most likely, act on the best option available. Pain could be an eminent disturbance for concentration. Overcoming it is what a person needs in order to arrive with feasible, effective strategies and might as well survive the traumatic experience.

Anti-diarrheal drugs can also be of great help. During emergencies, we may lack or run out of food. One may eat the things that are least edible during ordinary days or worse cases; eat raw food or food that are unclean. With such instance, the body will react and may eventually cause diarrhoea. Diarrhoea should not be underestimated. It may be a simple form of illness, yet in rampant cases, the one leading cause of early death among those in emergency crisis. This is due to the fact that diarrhoea could excrete a great quantity of water.

If greater amount of water is lost in the body and no amount is replaced, dehydration may occur and will eventually cause the person not to survive. Thus, anti-diarrheal drugs are one of the most needed drugs to have.  Furthermore, antiseptics should be included in the list for important health items. In emergency situations, scratches and wounds may likely occur. Bringing of antiseptic such as alcohol will lessen the possibility of infection thus; scratches and wounds will not lead to complicated problems.

More Things to Consider in Emergency Kits


The low cost emergency survival kits do not limit to the categories mentioned above. Any things whether small or big can be included in the kit. As long as it can be utilized during the crisis situation and it can be useful and advantageous for survival, then it is part of the low cost emergency survival kits. We might as well mention some of the things commonly used during emergencies. A flashlight can be included for luminance in the dark. Might as well place a matchbook or lighter for fire or heat and a knife for cutting. A cover up clothing can also be included to protect one’s self from extreme temperatures and a gadget for communication is important, if connection is still available.


The low cost emergency survival kits is indeed a need, a necessity and of vitality. The contents and category of things in a low cost emergency survival kit may vary from person to person. The most important thing to consider is the availability of the resources that can be utilized for survival. The kit might not have the complete set of things but what is more significant is how wise the available resources are used. Most of the time, survival is not achieved because of the completeness of kits. However, survival is made possible through critical thinking and sound decision. Human himself is indeed part of the kit.