Low cost pet vaccinations are available in many locations. In many cases, the money saving potential to is too much for many dog and puppy owners to resist. There is, however, one minor problem with using these cheap shots. While your veterinarian will likely help you out with keeping track of the dog and puppy shot schedule, and send you reminders, you'll find that you're likely on your own when you order low cost pet vaccinations online for your dog or puppy. This can make the price of the cheap shots less attractive, since the dog and puppy owner are often on their own. To help combat this, and make ordering low cost pet vaccinations a more viable option, let's take a quick look at the typical schedule you should follow for your dog and puppy.

This will be somewhat generic, geared to the average dog, since health, breed, age, and geographic location are all factors your veterinarian will consider when they administer low cost pet vaccinations.

Basic Schedule for Dogs and Puppies:

5 Weeks: Your low cost pet vaccinations should include the Parvovirus shot for your puppy, especially when they are at high risk for Parvo. To get more details about this low cost pet vaccination, talk to your veterinarian. NOTE: Some puppies may need an additional Parvovirus shot after the age of 15 weeks.

6 and 9 Weeks: Your low cost pet vaccinations should include a combo shot for puppies (combination shots without Leptospirosis) in most cases. These are sometimes called 5 way or 7 way shots. You will want to include Coronavirus where this is a concern. Again, if you aren't sure about this, or if Coronavirus is a concern in your area, you will need to talk to a veterinarian.

12 Weeks: You will likely need to give the Rabies shot at this point. This will vary a little by area, due to various laws. .Your local veterinarian will be well versed in the laws and ordinances governing your local area.

12-16 Weeks: You will want to use a combination vaccination during this time frame. The low cost pet shots should include a few others, too. Leptospirosis should be included in the combo shot if it's a concern in your area, or if you travel with your dog or puppy to areas where it is a concern. Coronavirus and Lyme should be included in many cases with your low cost pet vaccinations, if they are a concern in your area. You will need to talk to your local veterinarian for more help when you order your own low cost pet vaccinations.

Boosters: Combination shots should be on the schedule, when you purchase your own low cost pet vaccinations online. Leptospirosis, Lyme, and Coronavirus should be added to the combination shot in areas where it is a concern. Rabies shots will vary a little depending on local laws governing your area. According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA), some dogs at low risk may not need to receive booster shots annually. Be sure to check with your veterinarian before you administer any of the low cost pet vaccinations listed.

Since keeping track of schedules is very important when you order low cost pet vaccinations on your own, it's helpful to get an idea to what to expect. If you are uncomfortable with keeping the schedule on your own, you may want to simply get the shots from your local veterinarian, rather than ordering low cost pet vaccinations online.

Tips for Keeping Track:

If you decide to go ahead and order your own low cost pet vaccinations, rather than going through your veterinarian, there are some things you will really want to do for record keeping. Many local laws mandate detailed records of your dog's shots. In many cases, you will be required to provide the details of the shots. If you keep good track of your low cost pet vaccinations, you should be okay. Here are some tips to make record keeping a little bit easier to handle.

· Get a record book: Keep this in a safe place. Be sure to enter exactly which low cost pet vaccinations you order, and dates and times when the shots are administered. Since the veterinarian can offer some form of proof of administration, you will need to do this on your own. When you order low cost pet vaccinations, this is one of the biggest drawbacks.

· Keep all receipts: This serves as additional reinforcement or proof of your administration of the low cost pet vaccinations. In the event your animal bites somebody, you will be thankful you have all records, including receipts, when the police ask for them.

· Track phone calls/visits to the veterinarian office: If you call your local veterinarian to get advice, make a note, with dates, times, and person you talked to. Be sure to include notes about what was discussed specifically. When you order low cost pet vaccinations on your own, you need to be much more diligent about this sort of thing.

· Get specific schedules: The schedule for low cost pet vaccinations listed is simply generic. Be sure to get one for your specific area, dog breed, and health. This way, you will be following a more detailed schedule when you give your dog or puppy low cost pet vaccinations.

· Reminders: Use your online calendar or hanging wall calendar as a reminder of when low cost pet vaccinations and booster shots are due. Be sure to order the shots far enough in advance to allow for shipping. When it comes to shipping, it's really wise to pay the extra buck or two for a quicker shipping method. This will minimize the amount of time your low cost pet vaccinations are exposed to heat and cold on the delivery truck.

Keeping good records of your low cost pet vaccinations is the responsibility of the dog or puppy owner. While your local vet may help you, if you get the shots from them, it's still your responsibility. Be sure to keep good, detailed records to avoid issues down the road. Your low cost pet vaccinations will save you a lot of money.

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