For many, the enticement of low cost pet vaccinations is too much to ignore, since the price of animal ownership seems to grow steadily. Is there a catch? Why are so many companies selling these vaccines for less than the vet charges? Are these dog, cat, and other animal vaccines safe to use? These are all great questions relevant to low cost pet vaccinations. Let's take a look at some of the vaccines out there, and answer these questions.

Ordering Online:

For many, finding low cost pet vaccinations online is a great money saving method. Generally speaking, you will pay much less for the vaccine than you would at the vet's office or animal clinic. Parvovirus, Canine Cough, Lyme, and Rabies vaccines can all be ordered online for less. Generally speaking, the animal clinic cannot match the price on the low cost pet vaccinations you order online. The vet may charge more, but there are some drawbacks to ordering dog or cat vaccines online.

· You give the shot: That's right. If you order low cost pet vaccinations online, you will most likely need to administer the shot on your own. If you have no problem with giving your dog, cat, or other animal the shot, it may make sense to order low cost pet vaccinations online. If you cannot bring yourself to doing it, you can try to see if your vet will administer the shot you order. Don't expect much luck with this one.

· Shipping: There are more things to consider with shipping than prices on low cost pet vaccinations. Of course, the shipping charge will increase the total expense, so it should be considered. In addition, the vaccines will generally by shipped by mail, FedEx or UPS. They will sit on a truck, sometimes exposed to extreme heat or cold. The delivery driver may also put the package on the outside entrance, if you are not home. In extreme heat, sun, or even cold, you could reduce the effectiveness of the low cost pet vaccinations. I've heard some say they are fine for up to 48 hours in extreme heat, and others say they cannot be in heat for over a few minutes. Talk to your vet about this if you are uncomfortable with this aspect of low cost pet vaccinations.

· Anaphylactic shock: This is life and death for your dog, cat, or other animal. This is a reaction that can occur, although on rare occasion, when you give your animal any type of pet vaccinations, whether they are low cost or not. The reaction is nearly immediate. It can kill your dog or cat. If you order these types of animal vaccines, and administer them by yourself, will you be able to save the animal? You won't have much time, and probably will not get to the veterinarian's office soon enough to keep the animal alive. This could make low cost pet vaccinations very expensive, not in terms of money, but in terms of life and death. This is serious stuff, not to be taken lightly.

· Keeping a schedule: You will need to keep track of the vaccines you administer. When you order low cost pet vaccinations, you only get a receipt for the purchase, not the administration. This could, in some cases, cause some trouble. For example: If your dog bites someone, you will need to provide proof of the animal's vaccine records. You will only be able to provide proof that you ordered them, not administered them. If you keep a log, with all dates, times, and types of low cost pet vaccinations you administered, you will at least have a little more to fall back on. If you should miss a vaccine, you may be in trouble. Your local vet can help keep track of this type of information for you, when you use their services.

The Animal Clinic:

Generally speaking, you will need to pay a little more for your low cost pet vaccinations when you go to your local veterinarian. You will get some additional assurances, as noted earlier, but the cost will likely to substantially more. Here are some things to consider when you use your vet for low cost pet vaccinations.

· Price: Low cost pet vaccinations are appealing because of the price. Have you ever asked your veterinarian if they would match the price? Perhaps they will not match the price, but will offer a price reduction. Perhaps they will match the price, but charge you for administering the shot. It may very well be worth it, depending on your needs and circumstances. It may very well work out in your favor to ask the veterinarian to match the price of the low cost pet vaccinations you find online.

· Records: Your veterinarian will keep track of the vaccine records. As noted, there can be some issues with this, when you order low cost pet vaccinations online. This can make a huge difference, in the event something goes bad.

· Anaphylactic shock: You will be in the right place if your animal goes into anaphylactic shock from the low cost pet vaccinations. This can save a life, and keep your animal as a part of your family. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. For many, even minor risk is too much.

· Professional administration: Yes, you can probably administer the shot on your own, but there's a reason veterinarians go through so much training. For some, administering the shots makes the idea of low cost pet vaccinations less appealing.

· Trusted brands: Who makes the low cost pet vaccinations you order online? Your vet will know the difference between a trusted manufacturer, and a fly by night operation. Will you be able to tell the difference?

Final Words:

Your veterinarian likely has a really nice markup on the shots they carry. This may or may not be worth the price for you. Depending on your situation, ordering low cost pet vaccinations online may be worth the risk. You will need to think carefully before you place your order, since there is much more riding on the low cost pet vaccinations than money.

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