Low cost pet vaccinations can be ordered from a number of different sources online, or locally through your vet. If you choose to order your dog or puppy's shots online, you should know about the risks associated. While the lure of saving money on these vaccines is quite alluring, it is not without consequence. What will you do if your animal has a reaction to the shot? What if your package is exposed to extreme heat and cold? When you look for low cost pet vaccinations, you must know the risks you face, and your dog or puppy face, in the event something goes wrong. When you look at these animal meds, it really helps to gather all the facts about the risk. Let's take a look at the most common risk factors, and what they mean to you and your puppy or dog.



Anaphylactic shock:




This is a reaction that can occur when you use low cost pet vaccination, or any other shot, really. It is basically an allergic reaction. In many cases, there is no way to tell if the dog or puppy will have the reaction. Generally, once the animal has had each type of shot, they are at very low risk of anaphylaxis. This means the first time is the highest risk. With many low cost pet vaccinations, the dog or puppy owner must administer the shot on their own. Do you know what to do if your dog or puppy has this type of reaction?

Anaphylaxis is an emergency situation. The average dog or puppy owner does not have the ability to treat the animal. Cheap animal medications come with this sort of risk. If your animal appears to be having this type of reaction, be sure to get them to the veterinarian's office immediately. The vet may administer epinephrine, which can save your puppy's life. This is one of the more important risks associated with low cost pet vaccinations. Many that use low cost pet vaccinations may not know how to spot anaphylaxis. Let's take a look at some of the symptoms to look out for.

NOTE: If these symptoms show up immediately, it may be anaphylaxis. Immediate means within seconds or minutes, not days. Generally speaking, it will be under one minute before most symptoms are apparent.

*abdominal pain: This can be very severe. If you sense your dog or puppy having these types of troubles after you administer low cost pet vaccinations, be sure to get help right away.

* Abnormal breathing. It will often be very high pitched. Again, if you spot your dog having these issues, get help immediately.

* Difficulty breathing: This is a generally one of the first reactions you will notice. The animal can actually have airways completely blocked in seconds. If you are at home, you may not have enough time to get the dog or puppy to the vet's office.

* Vomiting and diarrhea: Both can be signs of anaphylaxis, but can also be a less severe reaction. It's probably best not to take chances. If you administer low cost pet vaccinations, and notice these symptoms, it may be wise to get help from your vet immediately. Remember the reactions are nearly immediate, so if a day or two passes before these symptoms show up it can be a reaction, but not an anaphylactic reaction.

* Dizziness and fainting: This is generally a sure sign, and should be taken seriously. If your puppy or dog shows these signs, get help right away.

NOTE: If the dog or puppy has a lump at the injection site, it's not typically anything to worry about. If the needle was simply not far enough in, the fluid from the low cost pet vaccinations can actually get stuck between the flesh and skin. The body will absorb this, and the lump should go away in 24-48 hours of injecting the low cost pet vaccinations. If you have concerns, call your vet.




Shipping concerns:




Low cost pet vaccinations are often ordered online. This means they will be shipped to you. Perhaps they will be sent by mail, UPS or FedEx. Regardless of the method chosen for delivery, there are some risks associated with delivery in general.

Exposure to severe heat: If your low cost pet vaccinations are exposed to severe heat they may lose effectiveness. You can search all day long, find one hundred answers about how long they can tolerate extreme heat, and find one hundred different answers. Some sources will tell you that low cost pet vaccinations cannot tolerate any heat. Some sources will claim 24 hours or longer of extreme heat is okay. Use caution when you order low cost pet vaccinations online, since shipping will be an issue.

Exposure to cold: Cold is fine, but what about freezing temperatures? If you have your low cost pet vaccination shipped to you, it could very easily sit on a freezing truck. If the vaccine arrives, in a frozen state, is it still okay to use when it thaws out? It's best to call the vet before you take this risk with low cost pet vaccinations.

Length of time for delivery: What if your low cost pet vaccinations are not exposed to extreme heat or cold, but are at room temperature for days. What if it takes over a week to get your package? Will they still be okay at that point? It's best to talk to your local vet, not the company you ordered the low cost pet vaccinations from, to get the details.

As you can see, there are some real concerns with shipping low cost pet vaccinations that your dog or puppy could face. You are likely to find more questions than answers when you search for information. Talk to your veterinarian, and see what they think is the best way to go. Low cost pet vaccinations that have lost their effectiveness really aren't a bargain.




Manufacturing concerns:




When you buy cheap animal medication for dogs, cats, or other animals, who are you buying from? What types of standards do they have in place at the factory? Who is regulating them? Are they an approved source by the American Veterinarian Medical Association? You may be taking a lot of risk by ordering low cost pet vaccinations online. If you are not comfortable with the risks associated with low cost pet vaccinations, you may just want to talk to your veterinarian.

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