When you want to buy a boat for fishing but cannot afford to, maybe you should consider buying a rubber fishing boat. There are numerous advantages that Inflatable fishing boats have over traditional boats.

Low Cost Rubber Fishing Boats
Rubber fishing boats cost much less than a traditional fiberglass, steel, or wood hull boat. You can find rubber rafts and fishing crafts that cost around $50.00, however if you are willing to pay upwards of $385.00 then you can buy a rigid 4 man fishing boat with paddles that will allow you, your wife, and a couple of your kids to have a great day as you fish out on the lake. If you want to add a motor then you can for an extra charge. A Cheap rubber fishing boat can provide a lot of entertainment value for the money, not to mention exercise if you choose to forgo the optional motor.

Easier To Transport
A inflatable rubber fishing boat is lighter-weight then a traditional fishing boat. If you deflate the rubber boat you can usually fit it inside of your SUV, Subaru Outback station wagon, and in the back of the pickup. You will also save money on fuel. You will not have to pay for as much gas because your truck or car will get better gas mileage then if you were pulling a heavy aluminum boat on a trailer. A blow up boat is easy to move to your favorite launching spot.

Less Maintenance Costs
Not only is a rubber boat less expensive then a traditional fishing boat, a rubber boat will also have a lot less maintenance costs.

Storage of Inflatable Fishing Vessels
In the wintertime deflate the rubber fishing boat, and then store it inside of your garage or basement. If you take care of your rubber fishing boat and do not abuse it then you can get a few years of heavy use out of it.

Should I Buy a Rubber Fishing Boat?
If you can afford a traditional fishing boat and the truck to pull it you may enjoy it more, however a rubber fishing boat can still be mounted with a 3 HP engine to help get you around the lake. You also will not have a monthly payment with a rubber fishing boat. Consider what you need and can afford. Many rubber boats work almost as well as a regular fishing boat, and sometimes much better depending on your fish area. A rubber boat if often easier to get into a hard to access lake then a traditional aluminum hull fishing boat is.

What Type Of Rubber Fishing Boats Are There?
Rubber fishing boats come in a number and variety of sizes and styles. Here are some of the popular rubber fishing boats on the market and the approximate cost range.

Seahawk 2 Two Man Inflatable Fishing Boat with Oars ($50-$70)
The Seahawk 2 Inflatable rubber fishing boat has a capacity of 440 pounds and holds 2 people. It is designed as an inexpensive entry level rubber boat that is easy to use in ponds, small lakes, and very slow running rivers.

K1 Challenger One Man Inflatable Kayak with Paddle ($70-$120)
The K1 Challenger is a 1 man rubber kayak that s great for solo fishermen who are on a budget, yet still need to be able to fish ponds, lakes, rivers, and even larger streams. The K1 Kayak has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

K2 Challenger Two Man Inflatable Kayak with Paddles ($100-$150)
The K2 Challenger is similar to the K1, except it has a larger weight capacity of 350 pounds and can hold 2 people. You can remove one of the seats to convert it into a 1 man raft. If you weigh more then 220 pounds then you are too heavy for the K1 Kayak, but you can buy the K2 Raft and remove the seat to fish solo and have room for your fishing gear.

Excursion 3 Three Man Inflatable Raft with Oars ($100-$150)
The Excursion line is the largest raft made by Intex. If you need a roomy raft that can hold 3 adults for an afternoon of bass fishing, then the Excursion 3 is an inexpensive and quality rubber raft for fishing. The weight capacity id 660 pounds and 3 people. You can mount a 1.5 HP engine on the Excursion 3 fishing boat.

Excursion 4 Four Man Inflatable Raft with Oars ($120-$180)
If you like the Excursion line but need more room and a higher weight capacity then the Excursion 4 Rubber fishing boat is a nice step up from the Excursion 3 boat raft and is designed to carry 4 people and up to 880 pounds.

Excursion 5 Five Man Inflatable Raft with Oars ($150-$260)
The granddaddy of the Itex rubber boats is the Excursion 5. This vinyl boat is extremely durable and will hold up to 1,000 pounds. The boat is made with a thick and durable vinyl that will last for many years with proper care. There are 3 separate air chambers in this boat. If one of the air chambers goes flat you can still get back to shore without sinking or swimming.

Intex Seahawk II Three Man Inflatable Boat with Oars ($150-$280)
This rubber boat is designed to carry up to 3 people and 660 pounds. If you are likely to do a lot of trolling on your fishing trips then the Intex Seahawk is a great choice. This boat is more durable then the Excursion line and easier to maneuver. If you ride solo or have only 2 other people with you then you can even take an anchor out with you for when you want to lay steady over the fishing hole.

Seahawk 4 Four Man Inflatable Fishing Boat with Oars ($130)
Rate to a weight capacity of 880 pounds, the Seahawk 4 is a great rubber boat for the price. If you can afford to, then step up to the Intex Seahawk II Three Man boat as it is definitely worth the little extra in price.

Mariner 4 Rigid Four Man Inflatable Boat with Oars ($250-$385)
The Mariner 4 is capable of holding 4 people and 880 pounds. This is the only boat on this list with a rigid floor, which is seriosly a cool feature on a rubber inflatable fishing boat. If you like to duck hunt, then the Mariner 4 is the best choice because of the rigid floor. You can also mount up to a 3 HP engine on this blow up boat.