White Cedar Shingles: Perfect Roofing Materials for your Home

White Cedar Shingles are natural materials that are often used for siding and roofing. The most popular type of shingles are red cedar shingles, however in terms of what looks best White Cedar Shingles can look more pleasing to the eye. Although they have been dubbed "white" cedar they are actually off gray in color. They look pleasant left naturally gray, however they can also be painted to your chosen color or stained. They are also supposed to be far more hard wearing than the more popular red cedar shingle.

Where you Would find White Cedar Shingles

White Cedar Shingles can be found anywhere, from hot climates to cold climates. They are very well known for being extremely resistant to weather condition. Therefore wind, rain or shine they are perfectly suitable. Cedar shingles in any colour look great, however in sunnier climates white cedar is probably far more suitable than say red cedar shingles. You should also bare in mind that if you live in coastal area, red cedar shingles are not suitable. The main reason for this is, after prolonged exposure to coastal weather red cedar can actually discolor. If they exposed to coastal weather for long enough they can actually turn black.

Difference between White and Red Cedar Shingles

Red cedar shingles are made with rigid particles that are dipped in tannic acid. The tannic acid is actually supposed to preserve the shingles from long term decay. Therefore making them very suitable for most types of weather. Red cedar shingles are usually slightly more expensive than white cedar and people own their own homes normally prefer the red cedar variety.
White Cedar Shingles are gray in color and are sometimes not dipped in tannic acid.

Why Pick White Cedar Shingles?

White Cedar Shingles are actually fire retardent, resistant to the extreme weather and they are long lasting. They mostly have a guarantee of 30 years and they can be painted to whatever colour you would like. Although the original gray color is still aeshetically pleasing. Did you know that cedar shingles in general are made in such a way that they retain heat to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They have extensive insulation properties, this is why they are the preferred choice for homeowners and professional builders. They also consist of a substance that naturally preserves them, making them last much longer than other roofing materials. They have also been known to be completely resiltiant to weather conditions such as extreme winds and gail stones.

There are different types of white cedar, however the most popular kind of White Cedar Shingles are Eastern white cedar. This kind of white cedar looks very attractive without any stain or paint. They have also been known to last for 100 years or more, although the initial guarantee for such roofing is 30 years, they have been known to last for far longer.

The History
Did you know that cedar has been used for thousands of years. People have been using cedar that is a natural material from trees to use as a natural roofing material or building material. Red shingles were more popular in the 19th century. Shingles in both red and cinammon color were widely used for government buildings as well.

Things to Consider

When you are purchasing shingles, you should consider purchasing them pre-treated. You can buy them completely untreated, however if you purchase them this way you will have to treat them yourself. Treating them would require coating them with some kind of bleaching oil. This is the most common substance to use, it usually contains linseed oil, which should be reapplied every 8 to 10 years. Linseed oil keeps your white cedar shingles looking fresh and new, it also acts as a protective coating, protecting them from the elements such as, rain, snow, wind and hail. Another thing with, white cedar shingles is, you must make sure that they remain free from mold and mildew. Clear leaves and other debris from the surface as often as you can. Wooden shingles are prone to and mildew growth therefore, it is very important that they are well maintained.