A healthy lifestyle includes low-fat-cooking. Recipes for this style of cooking need slight modifications, but almost any recipe can become a low fat recipe with a little thought.



Cooking methods that add fat are not doing us any favours and we need to find alternative, low fat, cooking methods to replace them. We eat too much fat in our food as it is, without adding to it by cooking it the wrong way. Food does taste different when it is not fried and it is just a matter of our becoming used to it.



A low-fat-cooking method is one that uses no or very small amounts of extra fat. It should also allow meat fat to drain away freely.


low-fat-cooking Methods:


Shallow frying


If something REALLY must be fried, then shallow fry it in a frying pan with just a few teaspoons of olive oil. Buy a good quality, heavy-based aluminium non-stick frying pan and you can dry fry most meat, or just use a cooking oil spray.



Grilling (broiling)


Try grilled (broiled) chicken instead of deep fried chicken. You just need to marinade the chicken before cooking it to make it moist. Serve the grilled (broiled) chicken with a low fat relish or sauce to prevent complaints of it being too dry.





Buy frozen French fries that can be cooked in the oven. You know how much fat is in them. Deep fried chips (fries) are lovely, but literally dripping with oil.


Roast (baked) chicken joints work very well, as an alternative to frying. Either leave the skin on or marinade the skinless joints before cooking. You can also cook skinned chicken joints in the oven by wrapping them in cooking foil to prevent them, becoming too dry.



Using a health grill


This is another low fat way of cooking potatoes, rather than serving chips (fries). Slice potatoes very thinly and place on the health grill. They take 15-20 minutes to cook, but there is no fat used. The potato slices are crispy and brown at the edges when cooked. They make a very palatable alternative to fries, especially if you serve them with dips and sauces.


Use this low-fat-cooking method for burgers, chops and steaks. Meat cooks quickly and a large amount of fat drains away during the cooking process.





Boiled chicken is very tasty and makes a pleasant change from roast or grilled chicken. It also produces large amounts of wonderful stock and uses a lot less electricity than using the oven. You need to cool the stock in the fridge to skim the fat off the top.





Steamed vegetables are tasty and much more healthy than the fried alternatives.


Low Fat Recipes


You can always reduce the amount of fat in a recipe by adapting it to more modern, low-fat-cooking methods.



Very often a recipe will tell you to fry onions or garlic. Try it without the frying and see if you notice any difference. Try dry frying or a health grill instead to par-cook onions and anything else that you are told to fry.



If a recipe says to use cheese, use low fat cheese instead, and always use extra mature cheese, because you get more taste per ounce of fat with mature cheese.



Use semi-skimmed (low-fat) milk instead of full fat milk.



Cut out the chopped bacon and see if anyone complains.



Use leaner cuts of meat. Very lean cuts of beef lend themselves very well to boiling, instead of roasting. Boiled beef is just as tasty as roast, just in a different way.