Whenever we are on a weight loss diet, we are always searching for low fat/low calorie recipes that we can prepare in a short period of time. If you are in search for Low Fat Dessert Recipes, here is a great recipe that is only 170 calories.

This recipe is called a Rhubarb Souffle and is full of juicy strawberries and rhubarb. You can also use other fillings such as banana, mango or even pineapple.

Health Benefits Of Rhubarb.

Their are many health benefits from eating rhubarb on a regular basis such as it can lower your cholesterol and studies have shown that it can kill cancer cells also. Rhubarb is also a natural laxative and can help with issues you might have with constipation.

To get the best nutritional benefits from rhubarb, it should be baked for at least 20 minutes and that is why this type of low fat dessert recipes are great to make while on any weight loss diet.

Rhubarb Souffle.

Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking Time : 10 -20 minutes
Serves 4


250g Rhubarb, cut into small 1 inch pieces
3 Eggs separated
1 Tablespoon of orange juice or water
1 Teaspoon of grated orange zest
4 Tablespoons of caster sugar or less if you prefer
1 Teaspoon of butter
Pinch of mixed spice
icing sugar for dusting at the end
100 g of strawberries, sliced
4 Tablespoons of low fat creme fraiche


1. Combine the rhubarb,orange juice or water, 3 Tablespoons of caster sugar and also the mixed spice in a deep pan and bring it to the boil. Then simmer for approximately 4 minutes until tender and also thickens. Add the strawberries, stir and put aside.

2. Beat egg yolks and the left over caster sugar until pale, then stir in the orange zest. In another bowel whisk the egg whites until stiff. Then gently fold the egg yolks into the egg whites.

3. Set your grill to medium. Melt some butter in your frying pan and gently smooth the mixture so it covers the whole frying pan. Start cooking on a gentle heat for a few minutes until you see it golden brown. Then you can place it in the grill for approximately 1 minute until you see it golden and puff up.

4. Gently remove the souffle on a dessert plate and add some of the fruit and sauce you made earlier. Then dust some icing sugar over the top. Then add a spoonful of creme fraiche.

This is one of my favorite low fat dessert recipes which is full of flavor and also very good for you as well. Why not try this dessert the next time you have friends or family over for dinner.