Low Flow Toilets

Low Flow Toilets Green Home Improvement Project For Homes, is an article to help spread the word to homeowners and business about the benefits and cost savings of installing low flow environmentally friendly toilets. Water is a limited commodity and eventually will become scarce and expensive as the population continues to grow and increase demand. Any savings that can be achieved financially are two fold when adding in environmental factors.

Government and consumer surveys have estimated that thirty percent of the water used by homes today goes into operating water closets. This part of the waste removal process has always used the lions share of our required water.

Also reported as the most wasteful area due to leaks and running tank flappers, so much could be saved if people took more time maintaining this appliance. Any running toilet can add as much as twenty five percent to your water consumption as a whole and this not only increases your budget for this utility but is an unnecessary tax on the infrastructure. Multiplied by the amount of toilets a city or town may have within it's borders, this small repair can make an incredible difference in consumption.

Toilets manufactured prior to 1980 can use up to 7 gallons of water for a single flush. The new advances in technology have reduced the needed water to 1.6 gallons per flush and most states within the USA have added mandatory codes for all new installations that every new toilet installed meet this criteria.

Replacing a toilet is a job that most homeowners can accomplish themselves. Complete toilet kits can now be purchased from most larger home improvement stores. They will include a new wax seal and a set of bolts to fasten down the new appliance. Some replacement jobs will require a new supply tube. These usually have user friendly compression connections that are installed with a simple pair of pliers.

When seeking to purchase new 1.6 gallon flush low flow toilets, consumer surveys should be checked for the unit you are interested in, as many manufacturers of this type of fixture exist and not all are created equal. Some will have better ratings then others. Cost of the units you buy may not necessarily mean the most expensive is the best.

Resources to help you decide whats best for your application are available on line. This is a very insightful link to a website with some helpful information about the different models of low flush toilets available today. Water Closet Ratings

Taking the time and the initiative to care about our natural resources is something that should be on the minds of us all. Taking action is a step toward conserving this necessary limited resource and everyone is responsible for helping out.

In todays financially strapped world where the price of everything is rising, saving a bundle on your water bill should be a no brainer. Saving the environment isn't always on the forefront of our tasks for the day but adding expendable income by saving with a small investment like this, may turn some of us into the unintentional environmentalist that we all should automatically be.

New 1.6 gallon per flush toilets are available today for as little as one hundred dollars and every home improvement store has them in stock. Many styles and colors are available to fit in with your existing decor. Consumer reports are available to decide which units are the most function-able and which one's will save the most money.

When people purchase a new home, this is a feature that they look for. Most home buyers are environmentally conscious and thrifty and looking at the utility bill is something that can attract a buyer or send them running. With a twenty five percent average savings from this small improvement, it makes a lot of sense to invest the time and money into upgrading any large volume toilets.

Low Flow Toilets Green Home Improvement Project For Homes, was written to help push the environmental benefits of reducing waste by replacing older high volume leaky toilets. Hopefully awareness can cut the entire draw on this limited natural resource by twenty five percent. The implications could add years to our future available supply of clean water.

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